[war epidemic theory] anti epidemic contains the great spirit of the Chinese nation

 [war epidemic theory] anti epidemic contains the great spirit of the Chinese nation

The outbreak of Wuhan is a race between virus and science, and the process is very complicated. The novel coronavirus has been gradually deepening its cognition even though it has experienced the SARS struggle in 2003, and scientists and medical experts with rich experience and knowledge. The current epidemic situation in Europe and the United States also proves that the virus has a very cunning characteristic. That is to say, even if the scientific community recognizes the nature of its transmission, it is difficult to prevent its spread with the usual methods to deal with other epidemic situations.

Our party and government have always valued the life and health of the people above all else. When scientists confirmed and announced that the new coronavirus has the characteristics of human to human transmission, the top decision-makers made a firm and powerful scientific deployment. In an interview with CCTV on the evening of January 20, Zhong Nanshan pointed out that the virus has human to human transmission. In the early morning of January 23, Wuhan, as a severely affected area, announced the adoption of closure measures. The decision-making time is short, the attitude is firm and the strength is great, which shows the strong determination of the central government to put out the epidemic and ensure the safety of peoples lives. You should know that this is the first time since the founding of new China that the state has taken measures to seal the city, and it is in the peaceful era of reform and opening up.

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province, with a population of more than ten million. It is an important town in Central China with a developed economy. It is also the traffic thoroughfare of nine provinces. What kind of impact will the closure measures have on the peoples life of the city and the economy and traffic of the whole country? The central decision-making level can say very clearly. In the face of the danger that the epidemic is likely to spread to the whole country, in order to ensure the health and safety of hundreds of millions of people in a wider range, the party and the government, under the general secretary Xi Jinpings personal deployment and personal command, made the major decision of Wuhans closure with the highest efficiency. Looking back now, it is undoubtedly very wise and correct to stop the epidemic spreading in Wuhan and Hubei in a timely manner. Equal to a preliminary victory in this vicious war.

Heres a detail. January 25 is the first day of the lunar new year. As usual, the Central Committee seldom convenes meetings on this important festival. On the same day, general secretary Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and decided to set up a central leading group to deal with the epidemic situation, headed by Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council. At this meeting, the central government made a new major deployment to fight against the epidemic, which can be said to be a battle charge to the whole nation. As General Secretary Xi requested at the meeting, Party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departments should put peoples life safety and health first and take epidemic prevention and control work as the current top priority. Indeed, when the epidemic happened, there was nothing more important than the life, health and safety of the people in the eyes of the central policy makers, which is also the fundamental purpose of the Communist Party of China to establish the party for the public and the people.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, under the order of the Party Central Committee, the people of the whole country were immediately mobilized to participate in the great and arduous struggle against the epidemic, regardless of region, nationality and occupation. In fact, the mobilization of the central government is only one aspect. The Chinese nation has a fine tradition of one side having difficulties in supporting all sides. The epidemic situation has no lovers and feelings. The love and love shown by the Chinese people to their compatriots in the epidemic once again fully proves the national spirit of the state of etiquette and civilization.

In order to support the people of Wuhan and Hubei to fight against the epidemic, all parts of the country, people of all ethnic groups and all walks of life spontaneously organized to participate in the struggle. They have money, materials and materials to donate. Love has gathered in Wuhan and Hubei, forming a huge joint force in the fight against the epidemic, and also making the fight against the epidemic present the beauty of human nature of our nation in the cruelty. People will probably not forget that Sichuan farmers, after harvesting their vegetables, post on the Internet to find transportation forces to send their love to Wuhan. The next day, someone organized a team to complete the task free of charge. Others donated their most urgent masks to the community managers

All kinds of enterprises have also moved in the epidemic situation. They consciously assume social responsibility, or donate money and materials, or organize personnel to work overtime to make epidemic prevention materials. Acting stars started to help each other and shouted to the people of Wuhan and Hubei. At the most serious time of the epidemic, the grassroots police, community managers and cadres should stick to their posts, do a good job in propaganda and various services, and turn love and responsibility into action. In Hubei Province, due to the implementation of stricter isolation measures, some residents living materials need the help of community cadres and volunteers to purchase and distribute. Love is more specific and sustainable here.

The great rejuvenation spirit of the Chinese nation has been sublimated

This epidemic has shown the Chinese society the strength to unite and advance. The epidemic situation of infectious diseases is different from other disasters, and its spread is not divided into regions and front and rear areas. In order to win this resistance war, all parts of the country have successively entered a state of isolation, which is a real peoples war. In the face of the complex situation of the epidemic, no city is slack, no individual is withdrawing, and no one is really complaining. In addition to medical staff fighting to save the lives of their compatriots on the front line, all sectors of society, all occupations and all groups have consciously united and actively participated in the fight against the virus, showing a strong force of unity.

This epidemic situation shows the Chinese people the advantages and strength of the system. Once the anti epidemic mechanism of the whole people is launched, the superiority and explosive power of this system will be demonstrated immediately. The whole country will play chess in a unified way, with one heart up and one mind down. If it is not successful, it will not stop. And the people are heroes in large numbers. The spirit of fearing no sacrifice and fighting against the world supports every Chinese to achieve the set goals.

This epidemic has made Chinese society more inclusive. In the age of Internet, every Chinese can get much more information than ever before. Although each person has different understanding of these information, it is a normal phenomenon caused by the difference of each persons position, perspective and way of seeing problems. In this outbreak, our social inclusiveness has been strengthened. No matter how many voices are gathered in the end, they have become confidence in the success of the fight against the epidemic.

The outbreak also made Chinese society feel the sense of security brought by the countrys strength to individuals. When the epidemic comes suddenly, every individual seems small and helpless. But once the country starts the anti epidemic process and undertakes the task of anti epidemic, the rich resources accumulated in the reform and opening up will be transferred to every field of anti epidemic. This is the key to win the war of anti epidemic, and also brings everyone a sense of security.