Liao media: the CBA of this season should be finished before August or it will impact next season

 Liao media: the CBA of this season should be finished before August or it will impact next season

CBA has pressed the pause button since the 30th round of regular competition on January 21. With the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control getting better, in the middle of March, CBA company sent a notice to the clubs to make them ready to reopen the league in early April. Not long ago, the Internet revealed a schedule after the restart of CBA League, the start date is April 15. It should be said that this schedule is not groundless, but in the current situation, CBAs plan to restart on April 15 may fail.

The reason why there are different versions of League restart time online is largely because CBA has a variety of plans. CBA League is now in the state of being cut off by the waist, it is impossible to play the League completely this year, and it is difficult to decide to cancel the League directly after South Korea. At present, CBA League is in a very awkward situation.

It is peoples common wish to recover the league as soon as possible under the condition of ensuring safety. Therefore, CBA company formulated plans to restart the league matches in different periods of time, which were submitted to China Basketball Association and General Administration of sport for approval. In early April, the plan of restart was not approved, so restart CBA naturally entered the orbit of plan B. But objectively speaking, the decision on when to restart CBA is not actually made by the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China. At present, the global epidemic situation is very serious. Under the situation that the return of foreign aid will bring the risk of imported cases, CBA will inevitably have many difficulties to recover.

At the end of March, the plan of CBA League restart still hasnt come to an end. Considering that it will take about a month to prepare for the official start of the competition from being approved, not only the plan to restart CBA on April 15 has failed, but also it is not realistic to recover before May.

Of course, due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Olympic mens basketball losing match, which was scheduled to start on June 24, will also be postponed, and the extension space of CBA League will be expanded. However, considering that next seasons CBA regular season will increase to 56 games, if this season cant end before August, it will have an impact on next season, which is the real problem CBA must face.

Source: Liaoning Daily Author: Li Xiang editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei, ns1098