Dont base yourself on your dignity. Its the highest level of kindness

 Dont base yourself on your dignity. Its the highest level of kindness

In Zhihu, some netizens shared such a story anonymously.

When I went to university, I used my spare time to work as a part-time waiter in a small coffee shop.

Once, a pair of father and son came to the shop. The father was carrying a laptop and the child was carrying a schoolbag.

Obviously, they will stay for a long time.

The business in the shop was very good that day. There were guests at every table.

The father probably had to deal with emergency documents, so he got angry with the netizen.

As a waiter, she is also very aggrieved. This is a quiet and relaxing environment. Who is willing to work together?

She could only ask at a table.

Finally, a good-natured guest left in advance and gave up his seat.

After the father and son are seated, the father works and the son does his homework.

When she brought something, the father was already checking the childs homework. She clearly heard that when the other side was educating the child, she said the following sentence:

The netizen, who was studying in 985 University, would not hurt her self-esteem because of this sentence, but the arrogant words still made her feel uncomfortable.

She said that at that moment, she replaced the child with sorrow. His father may have taught him knowledge, but he could not teach him to be a man.

The writer Long Yingtai once said, your attitude towards the weak is your upbringing.

A well-educated person will not despise and despise the sanitation workers, will not abuse the cleaning aunts, will not give orders to the little brother, and will not criticize the service personnel.

They dont need to belittle others and elevate themselves.

Dont despise others is accomplishment, dont overestimate oneself is self-restraint.

Not long ago, when she had dinner with faxiao, she said to me reluctantly that she had lost to a colleague whose ability was far less than her own in the recent competition for employment at the same level.

Why dont you choose me? she asked over and over

Hair small wave hands, words show a little disdain: nothing extraordinary, is to get along well with everyone, everyone likes her very much.

I have heard her and her subordinates call more than once. As her boss, she often says:

If the plan doesnt come out, no one will want to sleep! Cant do it, leave now! No? Then Ill do it with someone I want! ...

With a condescending attitude and an exclusive tone, I remind people all the time that I am the boss.

More than once, she showed off her skill of controlling people, but how to strictly control employees and make subordinates obey.

Everyone has no respect for her, only fear.

In fact, to be respectful to others is to solemnly respect yourself.

The most taboo in life is to have a sense of identity.

Even if you are in a high position in the workplace, if you dont have equal dialogue, you are doomed to lose peoples support.

There is a good saying that how comfortable you are determines the height you can reach.

The premise of making people comfortable is to give enough respect to each other first.

Between people, the best way is sincerity; between hearts, the best key is empathy.

Each other is contemptuous, and only when they respect each other can they achieve each other.

Dont base yourself on your dignity. Its emotional intelligence that compares your heart with your heart. Its also wisdom that looks far ahead.

Self esteem, everyone has, it is like holding in the palm of the flame flickering candle, sensitive and fragile.

When chatting with colleagues, she once talked with me about her first experience of drinking milk tea.

When she went to buy milk tea with her roommate in college, the clerk asked her, how sweet would you like it?

She froze, after all, it was the first time, and she did not understand it, so she replied in a voice like a mosquito or a fly, normal sweet is OK.

At this time, the roommate laughed loudly and said, you dont even know this, its not the first time to drink it!

After that, she talked about it as if nobody else, and popularized a lot of milk tea knowledge to her.

Colleagues said that since then, I have never drunk milk tea.

Some people say that the value of a person does not lie in his status, wealth and knowledge, but in whether he knows how to respect others.

I think so.

The truly powerful never put superiority on their faces, but put humility in their hearts.

Because they understand that there is a blind spot in peoples sight, especially in their thoughts and insights.

Everyone has something that they dont know, and they all have areas that they are not good at.

Taking advantage of your own advantages and attacking other peoples defects will not make people look up, but will make their own character devalued.

In the world of life, its good to give your own light. Dont blow out others lights.

Maybe you are knowledgeable, but dont make fun of other peoples knowledge;

Maybe you are elegant, but dont belittle others interests;

Maybe you have the best education, but dont despise the others ability;

Maybe youre single and avant-garde, but dont define second birth parents as backward ...

Zhuge Liang said, dont be cheap because you are expensive.

It is the most rare mercy not to show off ones strengths; it is the highest kindness not to pierce the embarrassment of others.

The host Meng Fei once said such a sentence:

All sense of superiority does not come from appearance, stature, knowledge, family, wealth, status, achievement and power, but from lack of insight and lack of compassion.

Seeing that the shoes your roommate bought are fake, you will not open your mouth to tear them down if you care about the difficulty;

If you understand that kind of hard work, you will not look down on the workers who are eating lunch box by the road;

The delivery you received is a few minutes overdue. You know that its not easy, so you wont comment on it ...

In this life, we must see all living beings, heaven and earth, and ourselves.

See all living beings, understand all living beings, so tolerance;

See the world, experience the great and small, so humble;

Yang Jiang said that no matter where you go in life, there are people looking up to you at the lower level, and there are people looking down at you at the upper level.

The more you experience, the more you will understand that its a compulsory course for everyones life not to be cheap.

Click looking, wish we can not despise others, not despise ourselves, the heart is always warm.