Protection choice in A-share turmoil: 646 important shareholders increase their holdings nearly a thousand times

 Protection choice in A-share turmoil: 646 important shareholders increase their holdings nearly a thousand times

Important shareholders increase their holdings nearly one thousand times

On the evening of March 24, Central South Construction announced that the controlling shareholders plan to increase their holdings by no more than 1% of the companys shares. By the end of March 24, Zhongnan Construction Co., Ltd. had offered 7.19 yuan / share. According to this calculation, 1% of the shares was about 270 million yuan of market value.

With the turbulence of a shares, the increase of important shareholders of listed companies is also developing rapidly.

On the evening of March 24, Hangzhou hi tech announced that the increase in shareholding of the actual controller had been completed. Lu Junkun, the actual controller, previously planned to increase his holding of 6.33365-12.6546 million shares of the company within six months from September 29, 2019, accounting for 5.00% - 9.99% of the total share capital of the company.

As of March 24, Lu Junkun has increased his holding of 6333728 shares, accounting for 5% of the companys total share capital. It is worth noting that in the one and a half months from February 7 to now, LV Junkun has increased his shareholding by 4% in total, compared with only 1% in the previous four months.

According to wind data statistics, the 21st century economic news reporter found that as of March 23, this year, 646 important shareholders have carried out 984 times of increase in holdings around 433 listed companies, involving more than 21.2 billion yuan.

From the perspective of increased shareholders, Lu Junkun has the largest number of increased holdings, with a total of 22 increased holdings of Hangzhou gaoxinda, followed by 19 increased holdings of century rier by Shandong railway development fund Co., Ltd., 11 increased holdings of new world by Zhejiang Guojun Co., Ltd., 10 increased holdings of emerging cast pipe by Bao Xiaoying, and 9 increased holdings of meijim by Liu Junjun.

In terms of listed companies, Yongtai energy has been increased the most times, reaching 31 times, followed by BOE a 27 times, Hangzhou hi tech 23 times, century rier 19 times, and Zhongzhuang construction 18 times.

Since the beginning of the year, most of the listed companies that have been increased by important shareholders are small and medium-sized enterprises. Of the 433 listed companies that have been increased, 269 come from the small and medium-sized board and the growth enterprise board.

A shares are dragged down by the sharp decline of American shares, which is relatively large. Many shares have fallen below the net assets. There are many companies that break the net. Many shareholders of listed companies raise their cards and increase their holdings to copy the bottom. Increasing the companys shares will release a positive signal, that is, shareholders or executives of the company think the share price is undervalued, which is conducive to improving the companys valuation and investor confidence. Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai open source fund, told 21st century economic reporter.

Industrial capital and insurance capital

According to incomplete statistics of 21st century economic reporters, 7 A-share listed companies have been listed since March, including Rendong holding, Changhang Fenghuang, Xingrong environment, Pingmei Co., Ltd., pan micro network, Wantong technology and bowlingbao. This year, 13 listed companies have been listed, only one in January and five in February.

Almost all the licensing parties are industrial capital, and 12 of the 13 companies are companies.

Among them, Three Gorges system of Yangtze River power has been many times since last year.

On the evening of February 5, the statement of changes in shareholders equity of Shenneng shares showed that the proportion of shares held by Yangtze Power rose to 5%, constituting the first licensing. Changjiang Electric Power said it plans to continue to increase its holding of no less than 1 million Shenneng shares in the next 12 months.

It is particularly noteworthy that insurance capital is also an important force in the trend of licensing. Since this year, insurance capital has spent billions of listed companies.

On March 23, China Taibao disclosed that on March 18, Taibao Capital Management Co., Ltd., the trustee of Taibao life insurance, purchased 8.986 million shares of Jinjiang capital in Hong Kong market through the QDII account entrusted to it. This is the second time for China Taibao to raise its brand of Jinjiang capital this year, and it is also the third time for China Taibao to raise its brand this year.

In fact, since the beginning of the year, there have been seven licensing of insurance capital, of which five in a month since February have all occurred in H shares. This is a significant increase compared with the frequency of about 10 licensing activities in 2017-2019.

Hong Kong shares are more than 20% cheaper than a shares. As an institutional fund, insurance capital is very revalued. With the supervision encouraging some insurance companies to moderately increase the proportion of equity asset investment, the subsequent increase in A-share holding and licensing of insurance capital is also expected to increase. Yang Delong pointed out.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Chen Hequn, nb12679