Not only room n in South Korea, but also steamed Zhao Liying bar in China is disgusting

 Not only room n in South Korea, but also steamed Zhao Liying bar in China is disgusting

A number of South Korean men have cheated a large number of young girls information by stealing numbers and other network means,

And then they insult these girls by all means,

Including carving slave on the body with a knife, eating excrement and urine, cutting off RT, designated person QJ, etc,

These outrageous behaviors are videotaped and uploaded to a chat room of a social software, telegram,

Members can only watch these videos if they pay the membership fee, and those chat room promoters are very profitable,

It is said that about 260000 people have entered such chat rooms, and 74 victims are known at present, the youngest being 11 years old.

Many South Korean artists are more demanding to release all room n membership information.

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As for the details of this case, I have made a review and presented it to you as follows.

First look at the time sequence of room n incident:

December 2018

The first creator ?? operates about 8 chat rooms, each with about 3-4 victims

They look for women who have uploaded large-scale images and intimidate them to take X-ray videos

February 2019

Chat groups changed their owners, and then many similar chat rooms came into being. Among them, three chat rooms operated by doctor are the most rampant

He threatened dozens of women, including minors, to shoot videos of sexual bullying and sell them to chat room users

June 2019

Two South Korean students and the media began to investigate and collect evidence for up to six months, and encountered various obstacles

March 2020

Dr. Zhao Zhubins appearance and identity

March 25, 2020

When South Korean police sent Zhao Zhubin to the prosecution, they made him public. He became the first public sex offender in South Korea

With my poor vocabulary, I can only describe what can be used in room n, which is too many to read, and so on.

At first, the perpetrator sent a twitter message to the victim that your private photos and other privacy had been stolen,

Attach a fake link, how familiar fishing means!

After entering the phishing link, the victims personal information will be mastered, threatened and controlled.

The slaves work includes: carving the words slave on the body with a knife, putting insects in the organs, eating excrement and urine

Take pictures of the underwear with the head cover, the shaking state of turning white eyes, infringing on the young relatives, the designated person QJ

Some girls, finding that their sister, who was going to primary school, was enslaved, asked the perpetrator to stop hurting her, but they were turned into QJ,

And girls are threatened to have sex with their brothers

The video was uploaded to room n of telegram (similar to our chat group).

At present, as many as 74 women have been killed,

Among them, 16 are minors, and the youngest victim is an 11-year-old primary school student!

(non case related chart, transferred from pixabay)

The perpetrator controls the victim by swindling personal privacy, thus obtaining more videos of sexual bullying,

Through the hierarchical membership system, a large number of people are induced to join the association.

According to the assessment of South Korea, about 260000 people (though some think it is repeated) have entered room n to watch the video,

Almost one out of 100 Korean men is a member.

There are 260000 taxis in South Korea. The probability of you meeting a taxi on the street is the probability of N room members around you.

Room n operators charge membership fees ranging from 250000 to 1.5 million won (8400 yuan) per member,

The scale of photos or videos that members can see depends on the amount of membership fees paid (entering rooms of different levels).

Each chat group (i.e. room) has at least 10000 people, and Zhao Zhubin, the doctor, has a paid group with a maximum of 235 people.

In order to strengthen the control of members and produce more works, room n also stipulates:

If you do not upload your own pornographic videos, or do not participate in verbal sexual harassment, you will be removed from the group.

Some groups even asked participants to post pornographic videos of their relatives, girlfriends or other friends.

If you meet the kind of just client, operators like doctor are not afraid,

By controlling some social service personnel in the district government or Dong Office, he stole the paid member information to intimidate them.

Once Pandoras box is opened, the inner devil can no longer be closed.

In more than one year, 260000 people visited and shared room n information, but only two people came out.

Not only that, but even after the incident was exposed to the sun, members were attacking female victims.

The participation of 260000 people, to say that the Korean police do not know, that is nonsense.

But it is also hard for South Korean police to track because of the location of its servers overseas.

But you cant just ignore it like an ostrich.

A male Ren who joined the chat room room n was so shocked that he reported it to the South Korean police.

And the man who reported, after discovering that crime can be so safe, began to resell small videos and opened a n room.

On March 19, suspect a walked out of Seoul Central District Court

It is precisely because of the inaction of the South Korean police in the early stage that encourages the arrogance of the perpetrators.

On February 17, South Korean SBS was threatened by a perpetrator as it prepared to open its investigation.

If the TV station doesnt stop making the show public, they will force a slave in room n to commit suicide.

Law Network Huihui, the core operator of room n, doctor Zhao Zhubin, was arrested and made public.

Zhao Zhubin, a 25-year-old learning bully majoring in information and communication, once worked as the editorial director of the editorial department of the journal.

Articles once published by Zhao

Under the guise of part-time assistance, he tricked the victims into taking pictures of sexual exploitation after asking for naked photos,

He asked the victims to engrave the words slave and doctor on their bodies, turn their eyes and shake violently when shooting, etc. as his creation mark,

The video was shared with his chat group, the so-called doctor room.

When asked whether they admitted to distributing images of sexual exploitation, confessing their crimes, being guilty of underage victims, and conspiracy to kill,

What is telegram?

Heres more about the popular science of telegram - this is not a Korean made software!

Telegram is a cross platform instant messaging software developed by the Russian brothers dolov in 2013.

Telegram users can exchange encryption and burn messages after reading, and send photos, videos and other files of all types.

Although telegram emphasizes that pornography and copyright infringement are not encouraged.


The pornographic groups and channels reported by users will only be unavailable on IOS and Mac OS devices, and the official will not review or remove relevant channels.

This is also an important reason for the unbridled operation of room n - the risk cost is really too low.

Moreover, after the incident, just like the collective revelry reflected in the past X-ray gate,

At one time, the download volume of telegram jumped to the top of the free app store list, and countless people searched for Korean program

South Koreas house n incident is not just a simple x-abuse or pornographic video dissemination.

From the perspective of human nature, it fully satisfies peoples psychology of achieving achievement in the state of absolute security - anonymity, burning after reading.

Building on the devastation of other peoples self-esteem,

The abuse and dissatisfaction that oneself suffer in the reality, doubly impose to the more vulnerable person on the network, compensate oneself, obtain pleasure.

There are not only n rooms in South Korea, but also disgusting things like steamed Zhao Liying bar and split magic bar in China.

The difference between the two may be in a dark stage of speculation, the other has been put into practice.

Here are some screenshots:

These strategies of not even bone dregs are abnormal, disgusting and disgusting!

From the thought to the action, this step, as long as there is a devils seed in the heart, it is not difficult to walk past.

Fortunately, these posts have been banned.

In the social sense, human nature is good.

Human nature can not stand the test. It is very simple to open up evil, but it takes a lifetime to learn good.

Only the happiness with dignity is the real happiness.

Please be a person.

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