Why can the Chinese war epidemic win? Russian experts sum up five successful experiences

 Why can the Chinese war epidemic win? Russian experts sum up five successful experiences

Second, take economic stimulus measures. The Chinese government provides support for small and medium-sized enterprises seriously damaged by the epidemic, China has huge economic and financial airbags, so these funds have been distributed to all affected areas in a timely manner.. According to the report, the current resumption rate of Chinese enterprises has reached 80% and will reach 100% by the end of March. Maslov said that China is fully resuming production and that China, which has passed the peak of the epidemic, is becoming an island of economic stability. After suffering a lot, China may be the winner of this epidemic..

Third, the supply of materials is uninterrupted. China soon shifted part of its productivity to mask production, which some aircraft manufacturers are producing. Stores can buy everything from masks to food. Its a mobilization economy, and now the masks are adequate, so its also being sent to European countries, Maslov said

Fourth, respond quickly to the spread of the epidemic. China quickly blocked the city of Wuhan and took quarantine measures after learning the severity of the outbreak. Maslov said that both the party and the government are carrying out their work smoothly. Many cities are blocked. The government has strictly monitored the compliance with the isolation, but at the same time created the most comfortable conditions for the residents of these places.

Fifth, enterprises and government officials participate in the action. Maslov said that many large enterprises in China have donated money for the purchase of masks and the construction of hospitals. Civil servants have not been separated from the masses. Many people visit the infected in person, go to the blocked provinces to fight the epidemic, and show what they should do during the epidemic. People also believe them..

In addition, Maslov praised the credibility of the Chinese government in a report by the Russian news agency on the 24th. He believed that China China novel coronavirus pneumonia has won the trust of its people in the past 40 years, and the trust between the government and the public has led China to overcome the new crown pneumonia epidemic. What we are talking about here is not the advantage of the political or social system. It means that the central and local governments have kept their promises before the outbreak.