Overseas online review: the night economy is booming, and Chinas urban fireworks is back

 Overseas online review: the night economy is booming, and Chinas urban fireworks is back

At present, the situation of prevention and control of new crown pneumonia in China continues to improve. While the national catering industry has done a good job in prevention and control, the hall food service is recovering in an orderly manner, and the city business district and pedestrian street with bright lights are becoming more popular, attracting more and more consumers. With the quiet recovery of the night economy, the city with smoke and fire has been rejuvenated.

The recovery of the night economy is not only reflected in the number of people in the restaurants, but also in the increasingly hot online orders. On the evening of February 29, 9 hotpot presidents from 10 hotpot stores, including Haidilao, Lafu and Peijie, turned into food anchors and opened late night canteen in Taobao live studio to start hotpot. While 2 million netizens gathered around the eat and broadcast, many people opened the take out card and voucher link in the live room and ordered a take out for themselves. According to the data, there were more than 20000 live broadcast of food theme this week. The sales volume of night food orders on Taobao increased by 180%, and the orders for hungry night food increased by three times. Hotpot stores are not the only ones that are busy with digital transformation. More and more offline businesses are speeding up the opening and market recovery while actively changing their business model and opening up online business. There are an endless stream of express delivery boys who come to the stores every night to pick up meals. It can be predicted that after the outbreak, the trend of online and offline integration of night consumption will continue to consolidate and expand.

The recovery of night economy means that urban functions are being restarted, which is closely related to the orderly promotion of resumption of work and production all over the country. According to the survey in early March, the return to work rate of more than 2700 listed companies has reached more than 98%. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission also said that in addition to Hubei and other provinces, the return to work rate in other provinces (regions and cities) has exceeded 90%, among which Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Guangxi, Chongqing and other provinces have nearly 100%. With the order of production and life gradually returning to the right track, peoples demand for night consumption is becoming more and more vigorous. Enterprises and businesses coming out of the cold winter are even more eager to increase supply, and the night consumption market has become active.

The increasingly busy night economy has witnessed the rapid recovery of Chinas consumer market and the return of orderly economic and social order. During the epidemic, part of the consumer demand was suppressed or even frozen, especially in the catering and other life service industries. At present, the spread of the national epidemic in Wuhan City, Hubei Province has been basically blocked, peoples consumption confidence is gradually recovering, and the consumption potential suppressed by the epidemic has been released. The end of the busy night is the prime time for consumption activities.

The revived night economy has not only effectively promoted the vitality of the city, promoted the consumption of the city, but also effectively boosted the market confidence. With the comprehensive promotion of the resumption of business of life service enterprises, not only night food, but also night shopping, night entertainment, night health, night reading, night exhibition, night tour and other consumption will further develop, lighting up the prosperous night scene of Chinas economy.