These cattle are all made of paper. They can live for 100 years in one day

 These cattle are all made of paper. They can live for 100 years in one day

But if you think paper can only make models, its a big mistake. At the International Exhibition Center in Mumbai, India, there is a coffee shop made entirely of cardboard. In the area of only 152 square meters, 100% of the materials are made of cardboard, including all tables, chairs, and ceiling chandeliers, which are familiar with corrugated cardboard. This paper coffee shop is unique in the world, hanging Starbucks.

Similar to coffee shops, there are some houses made of cardboard in Holland. This kind of house is called wikkelhouse, which means package house in Dutch. It often appears in forests, parks and lakes, just like a private villa. Although its made of paper, it can be used for 100 years!

The process of building a house is simple: just wrap the module in paper, and then you can take it to any place you want, like a mobile RV. Moreover, it only takes one day to complete the construction, and the progress is unprecedented. The price is 25000 euros, about 190000 yuan.

Sakamoto once undertook the construction of the Japanese pavilion for the World Expo. He used paper tubes to build a huge network thin shell structure. The reason for using paper tubes to build Expo buildings is simple: the goal of using paper is not to build, but to be able to tear down this building. At the end of the Expo, the paper tubes were removed and packed back to Japan and made into exercise books for primary school students.

Ban Maos paper tube design has also helped many countries through disasters. In the 1994 civil war in Rwanda, ban Mao used 50 paper tube tents to save hundreds of local victims. Sakamoto led his students to build countless paper tube houses in the 1995 Kobe 7.3 earthquake. This paper building can effectively ensure the living environment and reduce the casualties caused by aftershocks, which is a good news for the countries in the earthquake zone.

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