The theme music MV of youth with you 2 goes online and Liu Yuxin becomes a new center

 The theme music MV of youth with you 2 goes online and Liu Yuxin becomes a new center

The theme song yes! OK! MV went online with good comments and continued to interpret how far can we reach

Since the theme song yes! OK! was launched, everyones expectation for the theme music MV has been growing. Netizens have more self-made yes! OK! expression packs, hoping to call up the theme music stage of 100 girls as soon as possible. Today, as soon as the theme music MV is released, it once again swipes the home page of social media with vigorous melody and vigorous dance, and becomes a new hot topic in an instant.

In the MV, Cai Xukun, who stood in the center of the theme song two years ago and was waiting to be seen, now, as the representative of the youth producer, introduced these 100 young girls who worked hard to all the youth producers: in the past two years, thank you for your support in every winter, lighting a dream match for countless training students, from today on, I want to invite you again to decide to sing and dance New possibilities for the womens League. Then, under the shining lights and delicate stage, the trainees in gray uniforms began to attack the young producers with sweet music. The fresh, energetic and uniform dance made many fans excited.

Among them, the candidates for the center of the theme song were finally announced. Liu Yuxin, standing in the center of the stage, both expression management and dance action are online, and her expressiveness is even more remarkable. The trainees in other positions, not only make serious efforts in movement, but also many F class trainees who are not perfect in the initial rating, such as Cai Zhuoyi and Lin Xiaozhai, make efforts to let everyone see their progress. In addition, from the perspective of the theme music MV, the members of class a have also changed a lot. Wang Chengxuan, Zhang Chuhan, Ma Shujun, Xie keyin and other trainees have successfully entered class A by virtue of the performance of the theme music on the stage, realizing the counter attack of rating, and better interpreting the program spirit of how far can we reach.

The difficulty of choreography of theme music is upgraded in a straight line. The first stage performance of 100 trainees is remarkable

Yesterday, the program released 100 contestants theme songs to take the onetake assessment video directly, which not only deepened everyones expectation for the theme music MV, but also triggered netizens discussion on choreography. After the release of the direct shot, many netizens said: its a little difficult to find this years theme song after a jump.. In fact, this years theme song not only gives consideration to the girls sense in dance movements, but also strengthens the difficulty in detail movements. Every seemingly simple wave actually tests the basic skills. Nevertheless, 100 trainees still gave the most outstanding performance in the theme music MV, and made great efforts to hand over the first stage answer sheet.

As the stage of the first collective appearance of training students, the program is particularly meticulous about the details of the theme music MV. No matter the color matching and strength change of the light, or the appearance design of the stage, all strive to be the best. It is reported that the theme dance is choreographed by the procedure 101 team and the dance team of the original class. The European song competition guide and the singer camera are used as the theme dance guide. The Hangzhou G20 summit and the Olympic Games Art Design participate in the dance beauty design, which can be said to strive for perfection in every detail.

After the launch of the theme song yes! OK! MV, the overall strength of the trainees once again brightened the eyes of the netizens. At 8:00 p.m. on Thursday and Saturday, the trainees will also usher in the public stage of their first position evaluation, and what wonderful performance they will bring, please look forward to.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322