Tokyo begins to dismantle the countdown clock of the Olympic Games

 Tokyo begins to dismantle the countdown clock of the Olympic Games

The countdown clock in front of the Tokyo municipal government building was first removed, while the countdown clock in front of the Tokyo railway station changed the original countdown days to March 25.

An official from the Tokyo municipal government said it was a tough job to dismantle the countdown clocks in front of many landmark buildings in Tokyo. We can only come one by one, the official said

The countdown clock shows the Olympic countdown time on the front and the Paralympic opening time on the back. On March 24, when the Olympic Games were announced to be postponed, there were 122 days left before the original opening date of the Tokyo Olympic Games on July 24 and 154 days before the opening time of the Paralympics on August 25.

However, because the International Olympic Committee agreed to call next years Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, many of the Olympic symbols set up in Tokyo need not be replaced, which also saves a lot of costs.

Of course, compared with the renewal of the venue, hotel booking, schedule adjustment and other complex affairs, the removal of the countdown clock should be the easiest thing for the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee. It will take a long time for the Tokyo organizing committee to get back on track from the chaos.

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