Zhao Zhubins chat with members revealed that there was a video of a minor artist

 Zhao Zhubins chat with members revealed that there was a video of a minor artist

Zhao Zhubins chat with members

Netease Entertainment reported on March 25 that according to South Korean media, the main culprit of the n room incident in South Korea, Zhao Zhubin, had a chat record with members. Zhao claimed that there were slaves among the artists who could not violate their own words. He also satirized: there are videos of underage artists in their teens who can open the videos as long as they pay to enter the senior rooms. From December last year to January this year, Zhao mentioned more than 10 artists in the dialogue.

Zhao said that she seized the weakness of a female singer in her 10s and made her a slave. She called a member alone to a personal chat room and showed a sample video of about 7 seconds. Zhao will also use the illegal photos taken by artist a before his debut as an excuse to threaten his parents and other unconfirmed things as heroes to talk about and show off. Said that he has the video of famous female group member B before his debut.

Zhao said he could see high-level videos of celebrities in a high-end room with a charge of 1.5 million won (about 8600 yuan). If some members suspected that it was a real artist video, Zhao would upload personal information such as the artists ID card number and address to gain trust.

Whether Zhao Zhubin really exploits artists or holds illegal video products needs to be investigated in the future. The police have got the doctors room conversation record and are learning about the victim. But whistleblowers think Zhao is more likely to lie. In the high-end room, there are no people who have actually seen the video of the artists slaves, which may be Zhaos intention to show his influence, he said

All the artists mentioned in the doctors room belong to companies that do not know. A broker said it had not received a notice from the police. If it saw the seriousness of the incident, reputation damage or the spread of false facts, it would consider taking legal measures.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming, nv5736