In 2019, Jay Chou broke 20 billion and became the box office champion of concerts in the past three years

 In 2019, Jay Chou broke 20 billion and became the box office champion of concerts in the past three years

Beijing News reported on March 25 (reporter Liu Zhen) on March 25, the Institute of data service and research brand lighthouse, which has served more than 100 comprehensive projects of film performance and drama, released the big data of performance industry for the first time. The data shows that Chinas performance box office reached 20 billion in 2019, an increase of 7.29% year-on-year, and the box office growth catch up with the film market. It is worth mentioning that more and more users will choose to watch movies and performances. Data shows that the number of users of offline films and performances increased by 35% last year. China Performance Industry Association provided industry guidance for this data report.

Looking at the box office composition of the performance in 2019, the growth rate of tourism performance is the fastest, up 9.58% year-on-year, with box office revenue of 7.379 billion yuan, reaching 8.403 billion yuan of the theater. Concert box office revenue was 4.259 billion yuan, up 6.88% year on year. From the perspective of consumption structure, Chinas audience has also shown the consumption characteristics of low frequency, high unit price and stable output. The audience of various young groups and different circles are gradually clear in their viewing orientation. The post-90s and the pre-2000s have become the main force of performance consumption, accounting for more than 55% of the audience in 2019. Among them, purchasing power continued to grow after 95, accounting for 22% and 31% in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Compared with the theater, post-90s group users prefer concerts. In the distribution of concert user groups, post-90s group accounts for 72% of the total, while they account for 50% of the total. Among them, women prefer theater.

Through this data, we can see the following new trends in the performance industry:

1. Concert investment per capita is the highest, followed by musical

In 2019, the number of tickets per capita for drama, musical and childrens play is 2.7, 2.4 and 3.6 respectively. Different age groups have different content needs. In the aspect of drama, they fell in love with rhinoceros in love after 00 and fell in love with Earl of Wulongshan before 00; in the aspect of musical, they fell in love with Yin and Yang master after 95 and preferred cat after 95; in the aspect of childrens drama, new parents prefer to choose dragonflies say goodbye, while in the aspect of 80, their parents love Wang Wang teams great achievement - rescue pioneer.

In terms of performance cost, the data shows that the per capita investment of concerts is the highest, with an average of 1525 yuan, followed by musical plays, with an average of 1280 yuan. Among them, the per capita consumption of the post-80s to the pre-85s is the highest, while the new parents of the post-90s are more willing to spend money for their children, and their per capita consumption of childrens plays is the highest.

2. Off line performance consumption with network integration

At the same time of making popular idols, Netcom also set off a new wave of consumption offline. Take the two variety shows this is hip-hop dance and the summer of the band that caught fire last year as examples. After the popularity of variety shows, their offline tour has also been sought after by variety fans. According to the market feedback, this is street dance tour female audience accounted for as high as 82%, after 90 to before 00 user groups, accounting for 58%; bands summer tour more attracted after 80 to before 00 user groups, accounting for as high as 85%.

3. Jay Chou has become the box office champion of concerts in the past three years

4. Cross city performance becomes a new normal

In addition, South Chinas coastal cities are favored by large-scale concerts and music festivals, which stimulate large-scale cross city consumption. Tfboys six-year concert of advertising the never was held in Shenzhen, and the proportion of cross city performance reached 92%, while huachenyus Mars concert Haikou station is the most widely distributed concert covering ticket users in 2019, coming from 332 cities Of the fans across the rivers and lakes to listen to the flower concert. In addition, the adjacent new first tier cities have also promoted the growth of cross city performance. For example, Wuhan audiences prefer to go to Changsha for concerts, while Chongqing fans will choose Chengdu as the nearest place to watch performances.

However, from the current point of view, the sinking of the performance city still needs power. The data shows that in 2019, the proportion of ticket users in the first and second tier cities is 76%, while that in the third and fourth tier cities is only 24%, while that in 2018 is 25%. That is to say, the proportion of ticket users in the third and fourth tier cities will not increase but decrease in 2019. In addition, 35% of the third and fourth tier city film ticket buyers last year. Compared with the film market, it is not difficult to find that at present, live performances still rely heavily on the first-line and second-line markets, and the way of market sinking needs to be further explored.

Compared with concerts, the sinking of the third and fourth lines of the theater is more difficult. According to the report, the proportion of theater users in the third and fourth tier cities is only 18%, while the proportion of concert users in the third and fourth tier cities is 29%. In other words, in theaters and concerts, third and fourth tier city users prefer concerts.

5. Digital publicity is transforming the performance industry

Digital publicity is empowering the live performance industry to change. According to the insight of the dynamic data of the box office of Lighthouse performance, it is believed that attractive users decide the box office of the first day, and the box office of the first day decides the total box office. The data shows that reasonable target publicity of water storage time, combined with high-frequency reach guidance for target users, can significantly improve the box office on the first day of sales, as well as the total box office and sales rate.

In addition, the data report also forecasts the development trend of the performance industry in 2020. The report pointed out that under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, offline performances press the pause button, and box office losses are heavy. However, innovative performance forms such as cloud music festival, cloud concert and cloud theater came into being, which directly drove some users from offline to online, and is expected to form a new performance outlet. With the arrival of 5g era, VR, AR and other digital virtual technologies will also break the dimensional barriers of different art forms and audience, and promote the upgrading of immersive performance. At the same time, cultural performance has also formed a new form of business in space. As the extension of professional theater, shopping malls, subways and bookstores have begun to form a new performance space. As of January this year, there are 50 new performing arts spaces in Shanghai, and the number will increase to 200 in the next three years.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Li siou nbj11322