Its no problem that the architect renovates 330 u33a1 big house for his father to live 30 people

 Its no problem that the architect renovates 330 u33a1 big house for his father to live 30 people

Its my fathers idea to redesign and build the old house. As a true father of party a, there are no other requirements. There are only two general points. One is to have a tall and imposing appearance, and the other is to have as many terraces as possible. In the future, we can welcome our neighbors.

After completion, the 330 u33a1 house, as you can see from a distance, is a huge slope, extending to the second floor, which is magnificent enough. On the other side, there are 5 terraces stacked one by one, connecting each space in turn, leaving a lot of space for guests to rest and play. Its not a problem to have 30 people at home for the Spring Festival party.

Because of the height difference of the terrace, there is no fence in such a large house. You only need to walk along the steps of the entrance step by step. Although its a big house, it doesnt use high walls to shut people out. In ninety-three dads words, what he likes is the familiar and intimate relationship between his neighbors and villagers.

In 1993, the window of the space was opened to the largest extent. This is what father Liu wants, because he wants to be closer to the outside world and doesnt want to change a big house, just like living in an apartment in a big city.

Its very intentional that the old hoes and wooden benches used in the past have not been lost. They can also be seen in the corridor corridor connecting various spaces, which are the memories of the family. The old hoe hanging on the wall not only does not seem abrupt, but also has a kind of artistic exhibition charm under the decoration of light.

Its really not decided by slapping ones head to live in 30 peoples view. It was 93 and dad who carefully counted the relatives of several families and designed according to the specification that the whole staff would arrive at the same place during the Spring Festival. The lower part of the first floor cleverly uses the space under the slope to design the Datong shop. At that time, there will be a large number of people here. This feeling of family gathering, eating together and sleeping together all day long may be the experience that parents had only decades ago.

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