Liu Zhens death, Xin Longs ten million Lotto prizes exhausted? Exposure of money flow

 Liu Zhens death, Xin Longs ten million Lotto prizes exhausted? Exposure of money flow

Netease Entertainment Daily reported on March 25 that Liu Zhen had an emergency to install a Yeke membrane due to a heart operation, but failed to wait for a heart change. She died on March 22 at the age of 44. She was hospitalized for 45 days and spent tens of millions on medicine. The rest of the day later revealed that Xinlongs economic situation was not good. Wu Zongxian politely said that the couple had friends to help them, so they should not worry. The outside world was curious about Xinlong Have the hundreds of millions of Taiwan dollars in lottery bonuses been exhausted? As a matter of fact, he has made public the flow of money.

Wu Zongxian, who was Xinlongs boss and agent at that time, once said that he had slipped out and revealed that he had won the lottery, and won a prize of 200 million yuan (about 50 million yuan). Later, the owner of the lottery broke the news, and the more the money spread, the higher the news spread. After the news spread, the media asked him to prove it. Xinlong acknowledged the lucky lottery in a low-key way, but the prize was 120 million yuan (about 28 million yuan). He said in a low-key way that he would marry Liu Zhen and his wife to return it to him With a daughter, its a dream.

The outside world thought that Xin long won the lottery to give Liu Zhen a dream wedding in Hawaii with millions of money. But in fact, he took the old man to show his love. After he got a wife, he ushered in the lottery. He also generously disclosed the flow of this huge bonus to the media, that is, to share it with his favorite people. In addition to giving Liu Zhen, his beloved wife, he also moved some education money as a daughter, and took part of it out For charity, the bonus has already been allocated properly.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Li siou nbj11322