Will retaliatory consumption come?

 Will retaliatory consumption come?

A brush of friends circle, micro blog, everyone is also in the mood of returning to work or preparing to return to work.

The main roads of major cities are also gradually blocked. So it seems that everything is sunny after rain. Everyone is ready to live a normal life.

Mood belongs to mood. We still need to put it into practice.

Recently, many people in the industry have analyzed that there will be retaliatory consumption in the market.

Many people think that this conclusion is too absolute.

From the perspective of necessities, in the special period, the supply of daily necessities of food has not been interrupted, coupled with the development of distribution industry, we have not suppressed their demand for necessities of life.

On the other hand, after a month or two of habit, most people have developed a low desire consumption concept, and we finally understand that we dont need so many external things.

Some things will break out after being suppressed for a long time, but some things may disappear after being suppressed.

For example, if you want something very much, dont rush to buy it first, put it in the shopping cart and wait for a while to see if you still have such a strong desire to buy. I believe many people will give up buying it.

In this special period, I found many things I didnt have to do every day. For example, it doesnt matter if I dont drink oatmeal for breakfast, its not necessary for Starbucks to refresh myself when Im sleepy. Ordinary instant coffee can also achieve the desired effect.

So, our life really doesnt need too many things.

It is said that 21 days to develop a habit, not to mention in the one or two months time, many people, including me, are quickly developing a low desire consumption habit.

In addition, many small and medium-sized enterprises cut salaries, cut jobs or even go bankrupt. More and more young consumers are beginning to realize the importance of saving money.

In such a turbulent market, no stock or fund is the most stable. The money in hand is the most stable and the most promising.

Since we have analyzed the reasons why there will be no retaliatory consumption, why are there so many views that there will be retaliatory consumption?

The real secret is different in different industries.

We have to analyze a wave psychologically. For example, if a person suddenly becomes rich, like you suddenly win the lottery of five million, will you still eat steamed bread and salted vegetables every day? Surely not? At least a little barbecue?

This is to make up for the unmet consumption demand in the past.

With the resumption of work and production all over the country, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, peoples pent up desire for consumption for a long time is gradually ignited.

Look at the front door of the hotel. Is it reflected?

In addition to their own desire for consumption, there are also businesses hype and leg breaking discounts. In order to make up for the losses caused by the epidemic, businesses will use a series of marketing activities and promotional means to induce consumption and collect funds.

It can be imagined that the new years movie will be released at the right time, and then there will be a big wave of films. The coupons and discounts of the merchants will be unprecedented, which will ensure that you can chop your hands crazily.

So, in general, after the epidemic, small amount of consumption will rebound to a certain extent, such as milk tea, snacks and so onu2014u2014

Before Hangzhou building shopping mall resumed operation, the sales volume in 5 hours exceeded 11 million yuan;

According to the data of a delivery platform, 77 cups of milk tea were ordered at one time;

Weifang, Shandong Province, a barbecue shop resumed work, customers call a child;

Traffic jams and hot searches in Beijings Xiangshan scenic spot;

But the prepaid consumption will decline, such as buying cars, buying houses, a lot of people crying and complaining online, not getting credit cards, not getting housing loans, and how many people will buy car houses in this period?

Although the epidemic is now stabilizing, it will not be lifted in a short period of time, so there will be a period of caution in overall consumption.

I believe that through all this, people will pay more attention to healthy consumption, especially the choice of food will be more cautious, and more practical to buy the products they really need. People will pay more attention to the safety of goods and services.

Therefore, there will be great industry differences in the space of retaliatory consumption growth.

So, dont always ask whether retaliatory consumption has come or not, first look at the situation of your own industry!

Teachers ask you: recently or about to return to work, do you start to pay back?

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