The thief only stole food. The police found him in the water pipe, and it turned out to be warm

 The thief only stole food. The police found him in the water pipe, and it turned out to be warm

The suspect of the bizarre theft only stole food. The police found that he lived in the sewer, and the result was warm (source: video synthesis)

After investigation, the suspects surname is pan. He is 20 years old. In order to reduce the burden on his family, he went to work in Zhejiang when he was 18. To the constables surprise, the young man lived in a sewer with water flowing from time to time. Because I lost my mobile phone and ID card, and I dont have a green code, I cant go home, and I dont have a place to live... Its so gloomy in the pipeline that people feel terrible, but I dont have money. I want to steal some money to go back home if Im really hungry, said pan

Because the circumstances are minor, at the same time, pan is a first-time offender and has obtained the understanding of the victim. In addition, after being arrested, pan has a correct attitude and can truthfully account for the criminal act. According to the relevant laws and regulations, Dongyang Public Security Bureau finally decided to bail him for pending trial. After the handling of the case, Nanma police station registered police at the first time for Pan Mou handled the ID card. When Pans stolen company heard about it, it helped him to arrange a job, and let him live in a clean and tidy dormitory of enterprise employees, and subsidized him with 5000 yuan of living expenses, so as to solve the urgent problem. To this end, pan was very grateful, saying that he would like to be a good young man who abides by the law and works hard in the future, and repay the society with practical actions.

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