Nanning s fishing ban calls for the suspension of one pole with multiple hooks and is accused of taking control of wide urban management: flexible law enforcement

 Nanning s fishing ban calls for the suspension of one pole with multiple hooks and is accused of taking control of wide urban management: flexible law enforcement

Its hard to enforce the ban on one pole and many hooks

The reporter of Beijing News noted that in 2011, Nanning first implemented the system of closed fishing period, and closed fishing in rivers and lakes on the Neijiang River; in 2014, Nanning municipal government began to allow recreational fishing during the closed fishing period, and set up specific closed fishing areas and fishing areas; this year, it is the first time that Nanning municipal government banned the behavior of one person with more rods, one rod with more hooks.

So whats the difference between business fishing and leisure fishing? Recently, Li chaoming, leader of Nanning agricultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment, said in an interview with the media that recreational fishing can only be carried out by one person, one pole or at most one person, two poles, instead of one pole, multiple hooks or multiple rods; one person, multiple rods and multiple hooks belong to commercial fishing, which is not allowed. In addition, recreational fishing can only be done on the Bank of the river, not on the river with other floating objects.

The reporter of Beijing News noted that the introduction of the new regulation has caused hot discussion on the Internet.

The demarcation standard of business fishing and leisure fishing is fuzzy, and the cost of specific law enforcement is high, so it is difficult to distinguish and define one by one. Among them, the regulation of one pole with many hooks has been accused of too wide management.

New Beijing News reporter random interview found that for fishing enthusiasts, the phenomenon of one rod with many hooks is very common. Most ordinary fishing rods are one rod with two hooks, while sea fishing rods and rock fishing rods often have four hooks on one line. It is forbidden to one rod with many hooks to bring inconvenience to some fishing enthusiasts.

Response: generally dissuade, not confiscate the fishing rod

On the morning of the 25th, a reporter from Beijing News inquired about the water law enforcement and supervision team of Nanning urban management detachment. A staff member responded that fishing double hook is very normal, four hook is also very difficult to deal with, we generally do not manage in the no fishing area, and more flexible methods will be adopted in specific law enforcement.

According to the actual situation, the relevant departments of Nanning city have set up a fishing area on the Bank of Yongjiang River, and there are warning signs on the boundary of the fishing area and the fishing area, the park manager will watch there, and if fishing is not allowed, he will be advised to leave in time. The staff also added to the Beijing News, fishing is not allowed near water sources and water intakes, 100 meters downstream and 1000 meters upstream.

In response to the related punishment measures, the staff said: we generally do not confiscate the rod, you can not fish in the no fishing area. One can fish two or three times, if there are too many law enforcement officers to dissuade.

According to data statistics, since the fishing ban on March 1, the water law enforcement and Supervision Brigade of Nanning urban management detachment has advised more than 90 anglers to leave the fishing area.

According to the public information, the Yongjiang River is 133.8km long in total, with a drainage area of 6120km2. It is known as the Mother River of Nanning city. In spring, females usually choose to lay eggs on the shore. In order to protect the fish population, it is forbidden to fish from March 1 to June 30 every year.

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