Ericsson insists that 5g surpasses Huawei and is ready to support the UK and operation

 Ericsson insists that 5g surpasses Huawei and is ready to support the UK and operation

A study conducted by bird & bird in August 2019 shows that Ericsson has an important 5g patent. Lindgren said the supplier had been investing in 5g for many years and was ready to support the ambitions of the UK government and operators.

The British government decided to allow Huawei to continue to provide 5g network equipment for the country, but only limited to no more than 35% of wireless access networks, excluding it from the core part.

Source: BBC

You cant get that kind of economic benefit unless you deploy 5g networks across the country. Operators need to invest, suppliers need to prepare equipment and provide support. The shared rural network (SRN) initiative, which will enable UK operators to deploy 5g networks together, is a good example, which is exactly what we need to see.

As more and more operators begin to invest and deploy the virtual network infrastructure as an alternative, there are also signs that traditional suppliers may be threatened.

Lindgren, however, welcomed the competition and added that participation was necessary. We want innovation to be shared between companies. Its really good for the industry as a whole, and if we dont move forward we will no longer be a leader.

Welcome to the competition. If we look at the whole market, whether we can use high risk suppliers or not, there are still other companies that can provide 5g, such as Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung. With the development of virtualization and cloud computing, there are many new players entering the arena, but we are not worried that the competition is good for the industry.

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