Lipkin, the virus Hunter: the new crown virus non-man-made precise detection reagent will be sent to China this week

 Lipkin, the virus Hunter: the new crown virus non-man-made precise detection reagent will be sent to China this week

Professor Lipkin received an exclusive interview with Yang Lan, a well-known Chinese media man, at Columbia University Thursday. This week, he said in an interview, samples of the reagents will be sent to China.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has become a global challenge. Experts in the field of international infectious diseases have participated in the war, including Professor Lipkin, known as the virus Hunter. As a rebel, he often appeared in the front line of world epidemic, including fighting against SARS in 2003 and Middle East respiratory syndrome in 2012. He gave 10000 test reagents to China during SARS. In January 2016, as one of the seven foreign scientists, he won the 2015 international science and Technology Cooperation Award of the peoples Republic of China.

From January 28 to February 4 this year, Professor Lipkin came to China to meet with senior government officials and experts to study the epidemic. Because of the lack of time, he and his old friend, academician Zhong Nanshan, had an interview at the airport about the epidemic situation.

Yang Lan and Professor Lipkin.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been identified by many experts in China. The key to further development and to confirm the turning point of the epidemic is to identify the accuracy of the test reagent.

Professor Lipkins team multiplied the sensitivity of the reagent by amplifying PCR with a special fluorescent dye. In addition, the worlds unique serum chip is used to determine the most specific peptide segment for ELISA, which is not only accurate, cheap and effective, but also easy to operate. Both technologies will help improve the sensitivity and accuracy of diagnosis. At least 200 reagents will be sent to China for verification this week.

Let me make it clear that the new coronavirus comes from nature. There is no evidence that it was manufactured in the laboratory and accidentally leaked. Lipkin said. In order not to repeat the mistakes, he strongly called for the closure of all wildlife markets.

Professor Lipkin believes that the battle between humans and viruses will continue. In todays increasingly mobile population, closer international cooperation and more efficient emergency response mechanisms are needed. He advocated the establishment of infectious disease information cloud based on blockchain, which can share global information and make early warning in a more timely manner.

In response to Yang Lan, as a calm and objective scientist, what people and things have touched your heart? When asked, Professor Lipkin said passionately, it was the medical staff who were desperate to fight on the front line. He was very sad when he saw that they were ill or even sacrificed because of lack of necessary protective equipment, or because of too frequent close contact with patients. Thats why he and his team worked hard to launch the reagent as soon as possible.

The interview video of Yang Lan with Professor Lipkin will be broadcast on the network video platform in the near future. (end)

Source: editor in charge of China News Network: Zhang Zutao, nt5054