Health sector in Canada: nearly half of new crown cases in China are from community transmission

 Health sector in Canada: nearly half of new crown cases in China are from community transmission

Outside the Montreal novel coronavirus pneumonia clinic (photo: add)

[overseas network novel coronavirus pneumonia March 25th] according to the Canadian globe and mail, Canadian public health experts say that hospitals will pour into new severe pneumonia patients in Canada in the coming weeks, which will make local medical resources increasingly tense. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 2792 cases and 27 cases died at 19 hours in March 24th. 7 days ago, more than 400 cases were confirmed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new stage in Canada, according to the Canadian Public Health Bureau report. 44% of all new crown pneumonia cases in Canada are the result of community-based transmission, which means people will be infected when visiting friends or buying food.

According to CTV News, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canadas chief public health officer, provided more detailed information on community communication, noting that many cases occurred in elderly care centers. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a typical feature of community communication in Canada. The novel coronavirus pneumonia test was positive for medical professionals attending dental meetings, which led to a series of community-based transmission, one of them died.

Michael Gardam, an infection control expert at Humber River Hospital in Toronto, said, people may have inadvertently come into contact with the virus, which is why we suggest that you stay at home and reduce mutual contact. If all of us were 2 meters away from each other for 14 days, it would stop. According to Horacio Arruda, director of public health in Quebec, about 40-60% of Quebecs cases come from community transmission. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in the province has at least 17% cases of new crown pneumonia, which is not related to international travel, meaning that they are all the result of community communication, said Barbara Jaffe, a medical officer of the Ministry of health of Ontario province (BarbaraYaffe).

Canadian health experts say novel coronavirus pneumonia is a two week death related to Ontarios community, and it usually takes several weeks to get the new crown pneumonia. As a result, this means that the virus has been circulating in communities across Ontario for weeks, most of which have not been detected.

Many people have mild symptoms and may not be aware that they have been infected. Ontario, on the other hand, does not actively examine residents unless they are seriously ill or in a high-risk population, such as healthcare workers or long-term care workers. Thats why experts think the true extent of the disease is greatly underestimated.

On March 24 local time, Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, said: please come home, this is what we all need to do.

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