Myanmar makes it illegal and terrorist to start armed forces

 Myanmar makes it illegal and terrorist to start armed forces

According to the announcement of the Ministry of the interior of Myanmar, the president believes that if the army and its affiliated organizations and relevant personnel pose a threat to the legal order, national peace and stability and public security of Myanmar, they will be illegal organizations according to relevant laws.

Myanmars counter terrorism Central Committee announced that ruokai army organized the civilians in the north of ruokai through intimidation, and also attacked the army, police forces and outposts under the cover of local people. In addition, they seized, abused and killed villagers, opened fire and planted mines in the village. If Kaijun also carries out terrorist attacks on registered ships, aircraft and other motor vehicles, it will be classified as a terrorist organization.

Founded in 2009, Rakhine is a local ethnic armed group in Myanmar. Since 2015, there have been frequent conflicts between the Rakhine army and the Myanmar national defense forces. Since 2019, ruofangkai army has made kidnappings for many times.

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