Swedish green girl says she cant test the new crown: Im probably infected

 Swedish green girl says she cant test the new crown: Im probably infected

But since Sweden no longer tests patients for mild illness and suspected infection, thonberry has to choose self isolation. At present, she basically recovered.

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Tonberry revealed on her social network that she had recently taken a short trip to central Europe, including Germany and Belgium, accompanied by her father. When I got home, I felt ill. I felt tired, shaking, sore throat, and coughing..

If her father hadnt shown the same and more severe fever, she would have thought she was just a common cold, because the cold was much worse than this one, tonberry said.

However, novel coronavirus pneumonia is prescribed by the Swedish government from 12. The patients will be tested without any detection. The government will focus on the hospitalized patients or the elderly, and suggest that the suspected patients who are in good condition and without treatment will alleviate the situation mainly through self isolation and avoiding going out.

To prevent the virus from infecting other families, tunberry, who couldnt be detected, said she had to isolate herself in a borrowed apartment.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is very likely to be infected by taking into account my condition and symptoms, she wrote. At the same time, tongberry also reported her safety to her friends on the social network, and now she has basically recovered.

Finally, tongberry reminds young people to stay at home as much as possible to reduce the possibility of virus transmission, and do not inadvertently transmit the virus to high-risk groups because of no symptoms or slight relaxation of vigilance.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has reached 400 thousand in Beijing at 8 a.m. in the forenoon of 25 hours in the United States, and 2286 cases have been confirmed in Sweden, and 36 cases have died, according to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University.

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