Why few people hate Jia Ling

 Why few people hate Jia Ling

This years Spring Festival Gala, in the skit mother in law, Jia Ling plays Zhang Xiaofeis mother-in-law. Netizens have said that your husband is sitting under the stage. How can you be a mother?

Its a big taboo for stars to fry CP. If you are not careful, there will be a big fight between the two fans, especially the female star who is attacked by the concentrated fire.

But to give Jialing larang and stir fry CP made everyone enjoy it. Why is it only Jia Ling who can form CP with everyone?

No one doesnt like her

Many people say that because Jialing is fat, not a beauty in the traditional sense, and has no aggressiveness, girls will not be jealous and resentful of her. But in fact, what pleases us is not her image, but her honest and upright character.

Maybe many people have forgotten that Jia Ling first appeared in front of us as a cross talk. In 2010, Jia Ling and Bai Kainan cooperated in the crosstalk Dahua toudou to stage the Spring Festival gala for the first time.

However, Jia Ling is actually a cross talk industry that she entered by mistake.

At that time, Jia Ling was admitted to the drama performance and comedy performance majors of the Central Academy of drama. Because of her mothers accent, Jia Ling finally entered the comedy performance major and became the first crosstalk class student of Feng Gong.

Looking at the interview of Jia Ling, we can find that she can throw away her stubble anytime and anywhere, and laugh when chatting with others.

The reporter asked Jia Ling if she would have a lot of pressure to participate in comedian and those popular comedians PK. She replied that it was ok, because I was also very popular [1].

When asked about the future plan, Jia said, I really want a son.. What as like as two peas of poker faced her, she thought, and even secretly made a sweat for her, but she thought, if I want to have a daughter who looks exactly like me, what can I do [2]?

On the Venus show, Venus asked Jialing if she had planned to be a cross talk actress when she was in college. According to the routine, the direction of this problem should be to lead to an inspirational dream pursuing story. But how can Jia Ling follow the routine? She replied firmly, No. at that time, in school, it was mainly about falling in love. How could university not fall in love.

At work, Jia Ling also has no stars airs, and always plays with the people around her.

When the media went to visit Jia Ling for filming, Jia Ling took the initiative to chat up with the media during the shooting interval, and shouted with her loud voice, make me look better [3].

The staff who had contact with Jia Ling also said that Jia Ling was no different from other ordinary staff, especially cooperated and never complained. Say hello to her on the way, and she will respond one by one.

The agent once reminded Jia Ling not to laugh at everyone and talk to everyone. But Jia Ling totally ignored, and said that what bothered her most was that she wore a mask when the broker asked her to get on the plane: if I dont wear it, no one can see you, and my face cant stop [5].

When Jia Ling laughs, there are shallow pear vortexes on her cheeks / Weibo @ Jia Ling

A few years ago, in the devil variety show, Jia Ling imitated Xie Na, Marilyn Monroe, Linghua, the legend of Phoenix, Tong Xiangyu, and Xue Yi, who was in love with deep rain, in contrast to Bao, Huofeng, Tengger and Liu Huan.

Even Feng Gong, the master, felt that Jia Ling was destroying her image. But she felt that she was a comedian. This kind of psychological construction has been done well for a long time.. Not only have no burden, but also coax Feng Gong in turn.

And Jialing imitated the clip of Qian Songyi, the heroine of you from the stars, which became an important part of her CP empire in station B.

Jia Lings imitation of Qian Songyis clip in the show is the main material of CP video

With sincerity, straightforwardness and no affectation, and the shallow pear vortex on her face when she laughs, Jia Ling cant be bothered at all.

Watching their idols cooperate with other actresses, fans are envious and jealous of eating lemons, shouting no binding. But in the face of the adorable Jia Ling, the fans take the initiative to match larang, cut her idol and Jia Ling together, and her aunt laughs and gags at CP all the time.

In other videos, you should think of yourself as a female host, and the handsome male host lingering to the end of the world. But in Jia Lings CP video, someone yelled out, can I replace the male owner with me? I like Jia Ling..

As Shen Teng summed up for Jia Ling, men like her, women dont envy her.. Jia Lings humorous and grounded character has successfully attracted peoples love and made her hold up half of CP in station B.

Good EQ high, and her group CP is lucky

Not only that, as an awkward insulator, Jia Lings kindness and high EQ have also won her a lot of popularity. This kind of popularity also allows up owners to create CP videos of stars and Jia Ling without scruples.

At that time, Bao Bei, Wang Zulan and others wanted to tease Liu Yan, the bridesmaid. Several people raised Liu Yan and tried to throw her into the nearby pool. It can be seen in the video that Liu Yan is struggling and screaming all the way, but people around him ignore it and take out his cell phone to shoot.

Then, Jia Ling stepped up to push away the pranksters, sat down in front of Liu Yan to block her, and took out the red envelope and said, this is a simple thing, red envelope can solve it.

Not only for Liu Yan to solve the siege, but also not to let Bao Bei and others down. Many netizens said at that time that they were very fond of Jia Ling.

After the embarrassment is resolved, Bao Bei and Jia Ling are still good friends / Weibo @ Jia Ling

Last year, an interview video of Jia Ling at the Golden Eagle Festival a few years ago was again hot on the Internet. It is said that the last interview was to interview huachenyu, but due to the temporary situation, Jia Ling was asked to replace her. I didnt expect that Jia Ling, who came to the rescue temporarily, made a lot of golden sentences, laughter and high-energy interviews.

No problem? Have I stopped burning like this? Isnt there any gossip to ask?

Pull it down. Those two (male journalists) are a pair at a glance.

Asked by the male reporter: its really impossible. Could he be my dish? He may be your dish.

Listen to the effect of three seconds of laughter in the video, we know that Jia Lings high EQ is not covered. And this kind of ability to cope is not developed overnight. In all kinds of variety shows, Jia Ling always takes care of everyones feelings on the scene, and plays the role of an adhesive to save the scene and resolve the embarrassment.

The most classic is please answer! In the tenth issue of trump card, swagger proposed to imitate Lu Hans dance. In an instant, all the guests eyes turned to Guan Xiaotong, who was stunned and embarrassed.

At this time, Jia Ling silently went around to Guan Xiaotongs face and said to the people, mention Lu Han and see what I do.. One sentence not only resolved the embarrassment, but also contracted a new laugh point, which made the whole audience laugh.

In the back shot, Guan Xiaotong smiles shyly on Jia Lings shoulder. Who doesnt want to have such a kind and warm-hearted friend around?

So even fans of male stars said that they would be relieved to give their idols to Jia Ling. Some netizens said that Peng Yuyan was not convinced of who she was with, but if she was with Jia Ling, she would be blessed. Because people like Jia Ling with good EQ and high EQ can always bring warmth and happiness to people around her.

Ordinary and special, shes worth it

Apart from these characteristics, Jia Ling is actually an ordinary girl.

Occasionally, she would envy those little girls with good figure. In different poses and with different expressions, Zhang Xiaofei saw the as like as two peas.

She also makes excuses for eating. This year is because writing a script really makes me sad, I think food can make me happy, todays end is well written, what should I reward myself [5].

In the face of Yan Chengxu, song Zhongji and so many girls dream lovers, she will also be shy to blush.

For her fat and delicious food, Jia Ling never disguised / Weibo @ Jia Ling

But it is these characteristics that give Jialing more possibilities.

In the entertainment circle, everyone has their own image labels or human settings. Some of these labels are about the appearance and temperament, some are about the internal knowledge and habits. Some of them are recognized by everyone, and some of them are from team marketing.

Although most of the female stars we see can be summed up in a word of beauty, they often have their own distinct human settings.

For example, Liu Yifei is Gao Lengs beautiful fairy sister; Tang Wei is the goddess of literature and art; Ni Ni is the retro elegant and amorous; Liu Yan is sexy.

Therefore, she can play a shy girl who is pregnant with spring, a man who splits the table with her bare hands, a man who can imitate the neutral representative Li Yuchun, or even a fire wind with a big beard.

This kind of her makes her look more friendly and grounded, as if she is a warm-hearted and funny female classmate and colleague beside us, rather than a goddess who is high above and inaccessible. Such an ordinary her, in the entertainment circle, is unique.

At station B, Jia Ling is a well-known goddess

In Zhihu, there is a question why do you dislike Jialing. There are more than 200 answers, or the same objection and dissatisfaction: I dont dislike Jialing, why do I dislike her, why do I invite me to answer this question;

It was either a pretense of answering: when I put on the mask, I didnt watch her video carefully, and the mask cracked, and dislike she has become what I want to be but I cant be poker faced, because she is even more lovely than me.

We all hope that the ordinary and special Jia Ling will always be happy and must find her own happiness. So all the romantic plot of the idol drama is set on her.

At the bottom of a CP video of station B, its commented that Jia Ling and any handsome male star would support me and get married.

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Someone replied: agree, its not enough to be ugly. She must be handsome. Shes worth it.


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