Girlfriend revealed that lucani was tested for a new title before playing Inter, which Juve denied

 Girlfriend revealed that lucani was tested for a new title before playing Inter, which Juve denied

Daniel felt ill after training and had a fever. He decided to spend the night at Juve training base for safety, said his girlfriend Michela. He also immediately reported to the team doctor and each player had his own room at the base. Although he got up a little better the next day, he and Juve decided to accept a new coronavirus test. 24 hours later, the results came out Daniel was tested on Sunday, March 8, with the result of sunrise on March 9, after which I didnt see him again

However, Michelas words immediately triggered controversy. It is necessary to know that on the night of March 8 local time (early morning of March 9 Beijing time), Juve still beat inter 2-0 at home in the Italian League, and rugani was also on the bench in the Italian national Derby. If what Mitchella said is true, then after the fever and virus test, Juve still call him into the competition list and the stand-by position. Some people criticize Juves behavior as irresponsible to rougani and others.

Then Juve club official response, denied Mitchellas statement. We confirmed this to Mitchella again, and the result was different from what she said in this telephone interview. Juve defender lucani was tested for the virus on the morning of March 10 and got a positive result on March 11, which was announced by the club that night. And ruganis agent can confirm it

After Juves official announcement of clarification, junicas girlfriend Michela also said he was wrong in an interview. After rougani was confirmed, all the players of Juve and inter were required to be isolated for two weeks. Obviously, if rugani had tested before the national Derby, Juves behavior should have been criticized. But if it is only after the national Derby that rugani develops symptoms and is tested, there is no mistake in Juves approach.

In addition, Mitchella also denied that professional players such as rougani have priority in virus detection, absolutely not, this statement has no basis. The reagents rougani tested were provided by j-medical, the clubs public health agency. Fortunately, he was tested. If not, the virus is still spreading in football. I dont know about other people, but everyone is treated the same. Now we are waiting for the next test, if it is negative, then at least two more tests. If its all negative, Daniel and I can go home and be isolated at home, probably before April 10, I guess.

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