France: 14 years from Barcelona, waiting for Arsenal for a week, but they didnt respond

 France: 14 years from Barcelona, waiting for Arsenal for a week, but they didnt respond

Once I decide to leave Barcelona, Arsenal have the priority, I cant negotiate with any other club in a week, wait and see if Arsenal want me, he said. Arsenal didnt give an answer, we just have to wait a week to see if they respond. Arsenal is definitely my first choice, I told everyone I want to go back to Arsenal, in my opinion thats what I want. Arsenal can see that, but I dont want to be a beggar, they know the situation, but within a week they didnt say anything, and I knew immediately that they might not want me back. They waited a whole week and didnt reply to me.

In the end, Fabregas decided to join Chelsea. After a week, I had to consider other opportunities. Manchester United and Manchester City contacted me, but I interviewed Mourinho - I never thought that would happen. To be honest, after leaving the room with Mourinho, I said, thats it. I dont need to talk to anyone else. Im going to Chelsea. What he told me - including the team he wanted to build, what he thought of me, what he expected of me - was exactly what I wanted. The most important thing is London, not Manchester. London is like my home.

In 2016, when Chelsea beat Arsenal 1-0 away in the Premier League, Faye was booed by Arsenal fans after the game, while he responded with his finger to the Chelsea badge on his chest, which infuriated many Gunners fans. But Fabregas explained: I just told them (Arsenal fans) that they would always be in my heart. But obviously someone misunderstood the picture.

Fabregas concluded: I know it will have a negative impact on Arsenal, if I join Manchester City or Manchester United, but I want to return to the Premier League. Thank God, I made this decision, because I was very happy in those five years, we won everything in English football, this is the most winning Premier League team since I played in the Premier League, and the relationship with the fans is very close In his five years at Chelsea, he has won two Premier League titles, one FA Cup and one league cup.

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