With 4G network, why is 5g mobile three times faster than 4G?

 With 4G network, why is 5g mobile three times faster than 4G?

At present, the cost of 4G package we use is between 30-300 yuan per month. However, due to the huge cost of 5g construction, the cost of 5g package is between 190-599 yuan per month. Different from the high charge of 5g package, the price of 5g mobile phone is very cheap. At present, in the domestic smart phone market, it only needs more than 3000 yuan to start a 5g mobile phone. The price of 5g mobile phone attracts a large number of consumers desire to buy.

Affected by the high price of 5g package, more than half of the current 15 million 5g users still use 4G package after purchasing 5g mobile phones without upgrading 5g package. However, careful 5g mobile users found a problem. In the same place and time period, the network speed of 5g mobile phone when using 4G network is faster than 4G network speed of 4G mobile phone, and the network speed gap is nearly three times. In other words, the network speed of 5g mobile phone is about three times faster than that of 4G mobile phone.

So, with 4G network, why 5g mobile phone is three times faster than 4G mobile phone? Whats the matter?

On the one hand, this is the 5g mobile phone bonus period. The official account of China Unicom has made it clear in Zhihu that if 5g mobile phones use 4G package, 5g network can also be used under 5g network coverage, and the 4G signing rate is used, that is, the downlink rate is 300mbps, and the uplink rate is 75mbps. If you apply for 5g package, you can enjoy a higher rate (500mbps for half speed package and 1000Mbps for full speed package). As we all know, the downlink rate of 4G network is 300mbps, while that of 5g network is 1000Mbps.

On the other hand, the number of mobile users is different. At present, the total number of 4G users in China is 1.28 billion, while 5g users are only 15 million. 4G mobile phone and 5g mobile phone are two different channels. If you have a 5g mobile phone, although you dont have a 5g package, you can use 4G network to run 5g channel. Because there are fewer users of 5g channel, naturally, the 4G network speed on 5g mobile phone is faster than the relatively crowded 4G channel.

Although 5g mobile phone has great advantages, it is recommended to continue to use 4G mobile phone. Because 5g is not only expensive, from the current coverage of 5g network, if you want to replace all the current 4G networks with 5g signals, you need to build at least four times the number of base stations, that is, 3.4 million (the number of 5g base stations in China at present) * 4 = 13.6 million. At present, 5g network signal difference and disconnection are still common. Whats your opinion?

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