The first case of imported related cases in Beijing

 The first case of imported related cases in Beijing

The community posted the prevention and control notice and refused the entry of fever personnel.

Beijings first imported related case

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, the sixtieth Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing City Center for Disease Control and prevention, introduced the first detail of the imported case in Beijing.

Pang Xinghuo said that Li, an overseas import related case, had fatigue, fever and other symptoms on March 10, and his temperature returned to normal after taking the medicine. On the 14th, I heard that there were cases in the community, and I went to the fever clinic of Haidian Hospital, where I took medicine and went home for treatment. Fever occurred again on the 17th, taking Tylenol and cough medicine. On the evening of the 20th, he went to the fever clinic of Haidian hospital again and collected 2 throat swabs for detection. The 21 day feedback novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive, comprehensive CT imaging and blood test and antibody detection, 23 day diagnosed as confirmed cases, designated hospital treatment, clinical classification is light. The patients close family contact is his wife. At present, he has no related symptoms and no positive indicators. There was no travel or residence history in Wuhan, Hubei, other areas with continuous transmission of cases and overseas two weeks before the onset of the disease.

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing CDC

Reporter visits the incident area

The person in charge of the community will receive the notice to conduct nucleic acid test for the owner of the building involved

On the afternoon of March 24, red star journalists visited the dahezhuangyuan (Zijin Changhe) community where Li and Liu were located. On the bulletin board of the community, the epidemic prevention tips about the incident was posted.

According to the epidemic prevention tips, the epidemic prevention professionals in Haidian District have carried out a comprehensive killing of the relevant areas, and the community has also coordinated the relevant departments to disinfect the inside and outside of the building regularly. Epidemic prevention tips also requires that the community owners should strictly implement the community access card management regulations.

Information on epidemic prevention posted on the bulletin board of the community

During the visit, Red Star News noticed that a notice was posted outside the building where Liu and Li lived, hoping that the residents of the residential area would supervise the home isolation of a US resident in the building. The notice showed that if any residents find that they are out, please call the neighborhood committee or the property phone.

On the fourth floor of Lis case in the UK, Red Star News found another notice on the door of another house asking overseas visitors to observe at home for 14 days. This means that at least three overseas visitors have recently arrived in the building, including Li, a previously confirmed case in the UK.

An owner of the building told Red Star news that the global epidemic situation had not developed to such a serious extent on March 5 when Li, a confirmed case in Beijing, returned home. At that time, the UK was not the country of origin of the entry personnel who needed compulsory isolation, which enabled Li to successfully apply for a pass and go out to a certain extent. The owner also said novel coronavirus pneumonia had been diagnosed in Britain after he heard that he had been infected in Britain.

According to the introduction of Pang Xinghuo, due to the fact that both Liu and Li have taken stairs recently, Liu may have contacted the stairway environment polluted by Li before March 11 to cause disease. In the afternoon of that day, the Red Star News reporter walked down the stairs of a certain floor of Li again. The stairs of the building are symmetrical on both sides, that is, they can enter the stairwell through two doors in different directions, but the direction of the stairwells on both sides is opposite. In addition, the disinfected water in the stairwell tastes very strong, and the daily disinfection signature form is posted in the elevator.

Paste disinfected today in the elevator

A property manager in dahezhuangyuan (Zijin Changhe) community told Red Star news that all overseas visitors back to the community now need to be centrally isolated, and the community will no longer issue access cards to the above-mentioned people. Referring to Li, who returned to Beijing from the UK on March 5, the above property management personnel said that Li had no specific symptoms at that time, so she was allowed to enter the community and apply for a pass.

Ni Rongsheng, the community chief of the neighborhood committee of Suzhou Street Community in Haidian Street, Beijing, who is responsible for the community work of the community, told Red Star news that it was reported on the Internet that Li, a confirmed patient who arrived in Beijing in the UK, had gone out to buy items such as thermometer and medicine after returning to the community. She came back from the Capital International Airport by taxi, got off at the intersection of the community, and then went back with her bag We all have surveillance. She bought something and walked into the house, then stayed at home until the 7th to get the pass.

Ni Rongsheng said that according to the regulations at that time, Li belonged to the seven categories of people and did not belong to the group to be isolated, so he could be exempted from isolation for 14 days. Ni also revealed that after receiving the notice, everyone in the building where Li and Liu are located will receive nucleic acid test tonight (March 24).

u2191 dahezhuangyuan (zijinchanghe) community

A number of confirmed cases imported from abroad

Further strengthening of overseas epidemic prevention and control measures

The case of Shanghai is that from 0:00 to 24:00 on March 23, one confirmed case of foreign import association was found in Shanghai. The confirmed case often lives in Baoshan, Shanghai. On March 14 and 15, he was on a business trip in Guangdong Province. He had contact with overseas imported cases confirmed locally, and was diagnosed as a confirmed case.

In the case of Guangdong, on March 21, the first case of imported related case Jin Mou occurred in Guangdong. According to the report of Guangdong health and Health Commission, according to epidemiological investigation, Jin is a close contact of linmou, a confirmed case imported from Turkey, and is a related case imported from abroad.

It is worth noting that Beijing has strengthened the prevention and control measures in recent years to prevent cases imported from abroad. On March 23, the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference. Sun Shaohua, deputy director of the operation monitoring center of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that all international flights entering Beijing on March 23 would be transferred to 12 first entry points.

At the conference, song yueqian, deputy director of the health and Quarantine Department of the General Administration of Customs of China, said that up to now, there have been four customs directly under the General Administration of Customs carrying out entry quarantine work on 11 inbound diversion flights, and the local customs have strictly carried out three inspections, three platoons and one transfer, comprehensively strengthened epidemiological investigation, and found confirmed cases, suspected cases, symptomatic persons and close contacts The four categories of personnel shall be transferred to the local joint prevention and control mechanism for proper disposal as soon as possible after all the personnel are sampled and submitted for inspection.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Beijing today (March 24th), Chen Bei, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing municipal government, said that Beijing decided to implement the following measures from 0:00 March 25th:

All the entry personnel from Beijing port, regardless of destination, were isolated and observed on the spot, and all of them were tested for nucleic acid. Within 14 days, all the people entering Beijing from other ports will be isolated and observed, and all of them will be tested for nucleic acid. The expenses of isolation and observation shall be borne by oneself, and the expenses of detection shall be carried out according to the relevant regulations on whether to participate in the basic medical insurance or purchase the commercial insurance.

Chen Bei said that all overseas personnel entering Beijing need to carry out nucleic acid test first. For the elderly over 70 years old, minors under 14 years old, pregnant women, and those with basic diseases who are not suitable for centralized isolation, they also need to go to the centralized observation point first to carry out nuclear acid test, and can be isolated at home only after passing the test.