More than 42000 new confirmed cases and 1800 new deaths in one day in foreign countries

 More than 42000 new confirmed cases and 1800 new deaths in one day in foreign countries

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Spain are confirmed in more than 39 thousand cases. More than yesterdays statistics, 6584 new cases were confirmed in Spain, a record since the outbreak. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of health of Spain, 31.1% of the confirmed cases and 56.9% of the deaths in the country come from Madrid.

Germany has more than 30000 confirmed cases, more than Iran. Currently, there are more than 30000 confirmed cases in four countries besides China, including Italy, the United States, Spain and Germany.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Germany is 45 years old and the average age of death is 82, according to Xinhua news agency, Weller, director of the German Institute for Disease Control and prevention Robert Koch Institute, 23. There are more male infected than female, and the proportion of children and adolescents infected is very small.

According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, Irans 24 confirmed data were confirmed on a single day, which is the highest number of confirmed cases since in the new outbreak of pneumonia in Iran.

Switzerland has more than 9100 confirmed cases, more than South Korea. South Koreas confirmed cases are growing slowly in the near future, but 20 of the 76 new cases were imported from overseas.

Among countries with more than 1000 confirmed cases, Italy, Iran, Spain and the United Kingdom have the highest mortality rates, 9.51%, 7.79%, 6.80% and 5.04% respectively.

As of the 23rd, more than 1500 cases have been confirmed in Africa and more than 6000 in Latin America, Xinhua reported.

First novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were reported in Burma, Laos and Belize. First novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths were reported in Nigeria, Montenegro and Zimbabwe.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is accelerating, the director general of the World Health Organization, Mr Tak Desai, said on 23. From the first confirmed case to the global case number of 100000, it took 67 days; to reach the second 100000 only took 11 days; to reach the third 100000 only took 4 days. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is called for by the UN Secretary General Guterres on the same day.

On March 24, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo organizing committee announced that after discussions with the Japanese government, they decided to postpone the holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games until the summer of 2021. The name of the postponed Olympic Games remains Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.