Xinhua News Agency: the Olympic Games can become a beacon of hope for the world

 Xinhua News Agency: the Olympic Games can become a beacon of hope for the world

It was a very difficult decision. Preparing for the Olympic Games is a systematic project with a strict schedule. From athletes to visitors, from sponsors to TV broadcasters, from hosts to individual international sports organizations, the benefits of the Olympic Games are too broad and complex. Its easy to announce the rescheduling, but it will not only increase the hosts expenses, but also disrupt the operation cycle of the whole international sports system. Most importantly, due to the uncertainty of when the epidemic will end, even if the Olympic Games are postponed, it will be difficult to quickly set a new date satisfactory to all parties. Therefore, when the European Championship, French Open and other competitions are postponed or cancelled, it is difficult for the IOC to decide where to go for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

From the initial insistence that there was no plan B, to the later statement of matsukou to consider the postponement as an alternative, to the present official announcement of the postponement of one year at the latest, the IOC took a step by step with the change of the epidemic. Behind the seemingly passive and helpless is its pragmatic and prudent style. It is gratifying that the IOC has never forgotten its tenet of taking athletes as the center. In the process of decision-making, it actively communicates with athletes representatives for understanding and support. The decision to postpone the Olympic Games is also based on the consideration of protecting everyones health first.

Crises happen all the time. But how to deal with the crisis can see the management and leadership level of an organization. Over the past 100 years, the development of the Olympic movement has not been smooth. It has experienced the impact of two world wars, the massive boycott during the cold war, the Black September event of the Munich Olympic Games and the bribery scandal of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. Every time the International Olympic Committee has dealt with it correctly, it has overcome difficulties.

At present, the Olympic movement is facing another difficult time. The outbreak spread to five continents, and efforts to hold the Olympic Games on schedule were wiped out. The new Olympic Games time should be determined as soon as possible, so as to minimize the adverse effects and losses of the extension. It is urgent for the unity and cooperation of all parties involved in the Olympic Games.

It is certain that no matter how the match period is adjusted, it cannot be perfect and satisfactory to all parties. Therefore, only by upholding the concept of community of shared destiny and achieving relative fairness on the basis of full communication can we overcome the difficulties together.

The reason why the Olympic Games can transcend national race, ideology, cultural background and other differences and become a common celebration for all mankind is that it represents the unity, progress and friendship of human society. All kinds of people on the earth, gathered under the banner of the five rings, express their desire and confidence for building a better future for mankind.

As the joint statement of the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo organizing committee said tonight, in this difficult period, the Tokyo Olympic Games can be a beacon of hope for the world, and the Olympic torch can be a light of hope to light up the world in the dark. Human beings will eventually overcome the epidemic, even if the stadium is silent for a while, as long as the fire of hope is not extinguished, there will be a time to break through the dark.

Source: Xinhua news agency, editor in charge: Lu Ting, ns5242