Customs broke the smuggling of rhinoceros horn, sea horse stem, green iguana and other wild animals and their products

 Customs broke the smuggling of rhinoceros horn, sea horse stem, green iguana and other wild animals and their products

On March 15, Guangzhou Customs anti smuggling bureau successfully intercepted two Guangxi license cars at a certain section of Guangzhou Ring Expressway in combination with Guangzhou Public Security Bureau. From two backpacks in the trunk of the car, 16 rhinoceros horns, weighing about 36.6kg, and 4 suspects were arrested.

After preliminary investigation, in order to gain profits, the Criminal Gang first transported rhinoceros horn from Africa to overseas, smuggled rhinoceros horn into China through the border of China and Vietnam, and transported it to Fujian and other places for sale and profit by land.

On March 18, Taiyuan customs anti smuggling Bureau, together with Shanxi Forest Public Security Bureau and the food and drug crime investigation team of Shanxi Public Security Department, organized a joint action to crack down on the smuggling of wildlife and its products. Five suspects were arrested at one stroke and 60 suspected wildlife were seized at the scene. According to the preliminary identification, there are 6 wild animals involved in the case, including green iguana, plain iguana, high crested chameleon, spiny tailed iguana from China and the United States, and yellow throated turtle, which are listed in Appendix II of the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

It is preliminarily found out that the criminal suspect, in order to seek illegal interests, met pet players or sellers on the Internet, smuggled in through the mail channel when he knew that wild animals such as green iguanas and plain iguanas were prohibited from trading or importing endangered animals, and then sold for profits through the network platform or pet market.

On March 23, under the unified deployment of the General Administration of customs, the anti smuggling Bureau of Guangdong Branch coordinated with the anti smuggling bureaus of Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Gongbei Customs, dispatched more than 150 police forces, carried out centralized network collection operations in Fujian and Guangdong provinces simultaneously, cracked a case of smuggling of endangered wild animals, killed four smuggling gangs, all 26 major suspects were arrested and listed on the spot 716 kg of hippocampus stem was added into Appendix II of cites convention.

Now it is preliminarily found out that the smuggling gang led by the criminal suspect Lin and others, after purchasing a large number of HaiGan abroad, smuggled in the cargo ship crew, professional water passengers and other personnel from multiple ports in Fujian and Guangdong provinces, and transported them to some domestic Chinese medicine markets for profit. It has been found that 2.94 tons of sea horses are smuggled.

Rhinoceros is the general name of mammalia and rhinoceros, mainly distributed in Asia and Africa, with 4 genera and 5 species, 3 of which are listed as extremely endangered by the red list of endangered species of the World Conservation Union, 1 as vulnerable and 1 as near threatened. At present, this species is listed in Appendix I of cites, which strictly prohibits commercial trade.

Green iguana is a arboreal lizard native to central and South America and its surrounding islands. The infection rate of ticks on the body surface and parasites in the body are 88.9% and 100%, which can spread a variety of diseases. Once it is kept as a pet, infected animals can directly or indirectly cause human diseases. Due to the rise of different favours in recent years, some illegal elements see business opportunities from it, which leads to the continuous illegal and criminal acts of smuggling and selling precious wild animals.

In addition, the customs also reminded that the public should consciously resist smuggling, trafficking, purchase and other acts, and jointly safeguard ecological civilization and the health of the people.