IOC postpones the announcement of Tokyo Olympic Games

 IOC postpones the announcement of Tokyo Olympic Games

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee president, held a conference call this morning to discuss the changing situation of the forenoon of Tokyo in 2020. Yoshihiro mori, chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, shinko Hashimoto, Minister of the Japanese Olympic Games, baihezi Koike, governor of Tokyo, Kotz, chairman of the Coordination Committee of the International Olympic Committee, dekemp, director general of the International Olympic Committee, Dolby, executive director of the International Olympic Committee attended the meeting.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak and its impact on human life and global athletes preparing for the Olympic Games were expressed by President Bach and Prime Minister Andouble.

The meeting was very friendly and constructive. The two leaders praised novel coronavirus pneumonia and paid attention to the progress made by Tokyo in the fight against the new crown pneumonia.

The unprecedented and unpredictable spread of the epidemic has worsened the situation in other parts of the world. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is accelerating, WHO director general Tan Desai said yesterday. At present, there are more than 375000 confirmed cases in the world, almost every country has a case record, and the number is growing rapidly in hours.

Under the current circumstances, according to todays information, the president of the International Olympic Committee and the Prime Minister of Japan believe that the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo need to be rescheduled to 2020, but not later than the date of the summer of 2021, in order to protect the health of athletes, Olympic participants and the international community.

The two leaders agreed that in this difficult period, the Tokyo Olympic Games can be a beacon of hope for the world, and the Olympic torch can be a light of hope to illuminate the world in the dark. Therefore, the two sides agreed that the Olympic flame will remain in Japan. It was also agreed that the names of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics will remain unchanged.

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