On the day of the release of the news of unsealing, the Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee Ying Yong put forward a request

 On the day of the release of the news of unsealing, the Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee Ying Yong put forward a request

With the approval of the central government, from 0:00 on March 25, the control measures of the passageway from Wuhan to Hubei will be removed; from 0:00 on April 8, the control measures of the passageway from Wuhan to Hubei will be removed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia control command headquarters Ying Yong chaired a special meeting of the provincial command and control headquarters in Hubei on the forenoon of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters in the morning. We studied and carried out the spirit of the Central Committees approval, and worked well in order to relieve the control and resumption of work and resume production.

Done in one vigorous effort, we must implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on epidemic prevention and control and the decision making and deployment of the Central Committee of the party, and put the effort to prevent and control the disease, and we should not hesitate to grasp the details of the prevention and control work. We should adjust the work focus and response measures according to the time and the situation, make overall efforts to prevent and control the epidemic situation and focus on economic and social development, gradually remove the control measures for the exit from Hubei to Han, steadily promote the resumption of work and production, and orderly restore the normal production and life order of the whole province.

Ying Yong pointed out that at present, the spread of the epidemic situation in Wuhans main battlefield has been basically blocked, and the provinces internal non-proliferation and external anti-export has achieved important results at different stages. The situation of epidemic prevention and control continues to be positive, and the control of the channel from Hubei to Han has been gradually lifted, marking the gradual recovery and normalization of the economic and social operation order of the province. But at the same time, we should also see that the tasks of medical treatment, community prevention and control and follow-up work are still arduous. With the resumption of work and production, the society has changed from a relatively closed static state to a relatively open dynamic state, and the risk of epidemic rebound brought about by the increase of personnel mobility and personnel concentration has increased. We should keep vigilance to the epidemic situation, control requirements, input of external defense and rebound of internal defense, pay more attention to science and accuracy, grasp all prevention and control measures in detail, resolutely win the Hubei defense war and Wuhan defense war, and win the complete victory of epidemic prevention and control.

We should be brave to stress that the results of prevention and control are not easy to come by, that we must not let the continuous improvement of the situation reverse, and that we must not abandon all our previous achievements. We should continue to strengthen community prevention and control, keep the door of peoples health in a good position, carry out the flow control work in a practical and detailed way, and be able to quickly control the source of infection and cut off the way of transmission even in the case of sporadic and sporadic cases; we should adhere to the openness and transparency of information, and put an end to the underreporting; we should resolutely implement the key tasks of external defense input, accelerate the formation and effective play of the closed-loop data information and the whole process management Close loop function of management work. We should adhere to the premise of the main responsibility of enterprise prevention and control is in place, and the prevention and control measures are in place, and on the basis of the community is clean and the social surface is clean, we should promote the resumption of work and production in different areas and levels, classification and time sharing, and with conditions.

It should be stressed that the management and control of the exit from Hubei and the exit from Han should be carried out carefully, carefully and orderly. Strengthen information communication with other provinces, regions and cities, railways, civil aviation and other aspects, and do a good job in work connection. We should strictly manage the health code audit, continue to promote mutual recognition between Hubei health code and other provinces, regions and cities, ensure the safe and orderly flow of personnel, and ensure the smooth return of migrant workers in our province.

All localities should gradually restore urban public transport, strengthen supporting support such as railways and airports, and ensure that personnel can walk, enter and travel smoothly.