Guizhou enterprises sell Maotai liquor to medical teams at the original price

 Guizhou enterprises sell Maotai liquor to medical teams at the original price

On March 24, Guizhou liquor exchange told the upstream news that the original price purchase of Maotai for Guizhou aid Hubei medical team is still in normal progress, and the buyer needs to provide work certificate and aid Hubei work certificate. The head of the company also said, I hope that after the outbreak, their efforts will still be remembered by the world.

u25b2 activity poster of purchasing Maotai at a fair price of Guizhou liquor exchange. Graph from network

On March 23, a press release from Guizhou liquor exchange was published. Guizhou liquor exchange said that in order to express its deep respect for the heroes of the war epidemic, it will directly supply Feitian Moutai liquor to 1443 medical and nursing personnel of Guizhou aid Hubei Medical Team at the price of 1499 yuan per bottle.

The upstream journalists noted that Guizhou liquor exchange also announced the specific purchase method. All medical staff in Guizhou Province need only pay attention to the official wechat of the company and provide relevant information. After verification, they can purchase 6 bottles of 53 degree 500ml Feitian Moutai at the price of 1499 yuan / bottle on the companys network platform. According to the data of e-commerce platform on March 24, the retail price of 53 degree 500ml Feitian Moutai is about 2800 yuan, which is nearly 85% higher than the original price of 1499 yuan per bottle.

Tianyan data shows that Guizhou liquor exchange has no direct relationship with Guizhou Maotai Group. The equity structure of Guizhou liquor exchange shows that the company is funded and established by Jinhui wealth Capital Management Co., Ltd., Guizhou Hengfeng Weiye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Guizhou Huibang Industry Co., Ltd. and other five companies. It is a liquor element trading market approved by the peoples Government of Guizhou Province, providing liquor product issuance, trading, and other services.

On March 24, the upstream journalists contacted Guizhou liquor exchange to consult with the medical team members of Hubei Province about the specific operating rules for purchase of Feitian Moutai. Customer service personnel said that the relevant operations were only carried out through the companys e-commerce platform.

u25b2 Guizhou medical aid personnel purchase materials for Maotai at the original price. Graph from network

The upstream journalists then downloaded the e-commerce platform of Guizhou liquor exchange and consulted the purchase rules through manual customer service. Customer service personnel said that to purchase the original price of Feitian Moutai provided by the company, it is necessary to submit the name and mobile phone number, the certificate of practice and the certificate of assistance to Hubei. After verification, the liquor exchange will issue Maotai liquor purchase voucher, which will be used to purchase liquor at the original price.

The customer service staff also said that if the buyer cant pick up the liquor at the scene, the logistics method can also be used to pick up the goods.

Since the launch of this activity, how many medical staff have purchased Feitian Moutai? Customer service staff said that there is no specific statistical data.

The upstream news reporter noted that the activity of buy Maotai at the original price by Guizhou medical team members in aid of Hubei Province has aroused extensive discussion among netizens on social media since it was released on March 23. The official account quoted the relevant news and commented that take the aid of medical personnel in the Hubei and Hubei to make a gimmick and remember the money for medical care subsidies. is your conscience not painful?

The official account of liquor from the media indicates that since last year, Guizhou Moutai has sold Moutai flying to the public for a large quantity of 1499 yuan per bottle. Guizhou liquor exchange if you are really grateful, give the wine directly to the heroes. Dont embarrass the heroes who dont have enough income, let alone hurt their self-esteem intentionally or unintentionally.

On March 24, the upstream journalists contacted the Guizhou liquor exchange office to try to interview the relevant principals of the company. However, the office staff said they would record the relevant issues and pass them on to the marketing department.

The person in charge of Guizhou liquor exchange once told the media, the heroes of war and epidemic disease are the most lovely people in this era and deserve the highest respect from all of us. May their efforts be remembered after the outbreak.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is a major public health event in recent years in China, and Moutai has long been in a state of scarcity and high price level, Cai Xuefei, an expert in the drinking water industry, told the upstream reporters. Providing such affordable benefits is a good PR opportunity for corporate social responsibility and brand image. The only thing to consider is that there may be some dislocation between the consumption of Maotai liquor and the medical staff.

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