South Korean media exposed the other side of the suspect in room n: participating in more than 50 volunteer activities in three years

 South Korean media exposed the other side of the suspect in room n: participating in more than 50 volunteer activities in three years

The second face of Zhao zhoubin, the operator of doctors room : he has participated in more than 50 voluntary activities in three years, the Yonhap news agency reported Thursday, saying that Zhao zhoubin, 25, also received sincere evaluation when he participated in voluntary activities.

According to a volunteer group of a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Incheon that had participated in the activity, Zhao zhoubin and his friends found the group after seeing the notice of recruiting volunteers in October 2017.

Until March 2018, Zhao zhoubin participated in the groups voluntary activities in nearly six months, the report said. Basically once a month to the frequency of disabled people, unmarried mothers welfare homes and other places to participate in voluntary activities.

According to the information registered on the certification management website of Korean social welfare voluntary activities, Zhao zhoubin has participated in 57 voluntary activities since 2017. Among them, 23 were NGOs in Incheon. The organizations management also commented on Zhaos quiet personality and said he was sincere in his work.

However, it is reported that Zhao zhoubin, who has always insisted on participating in the voluntary activities of the organization, disappeared after March 2018 and reappeared in March 2019. After that, Zhao zhoubin still participated in voluntary activities until December last year.

But the report revealed that Zhao zhoubin, who reappeared nearly a year later, was a little different. At the symposium with the group members after the voluntary activities, Zhao zhoubin often looked at his mobile phone, and there were many pictures of women on the mobile phone screen, the organization said.

From this year, Zhao zhoubin even served as the leader of the disabled support group, the report said. Even on the 12th of this month, Zhao zhoubin visited the organization. That day (Zhao zhoubin) came just for a chat and left. Said the group.

Zhao zhoubin, the suspect who killed a total of 74 women, including 16 minors, just graduated from university in 2018, South Korean SBS television reported Tuesday. Zhao majored in information and communication. Because of his love of writing, Zhao also won the first prize in the Universitys after reading competition, thus becoming the editor in chief of the journal. In three of the four years of Zhao zhoubin University, the average GPA of all disciplines is above 4.0, and he has won many scholarships. Although Zhao is an excellent student in school life, his relationship with his classmates is not harmonious. According to Zhao zhoubins classmates, Zhao didnt act out of the ordinary in terms of sex during his college life. From the appearance, he is an ordinary student.. According to the police investigation, Zhao began to swindle money through the Internet in 2018 after his graduation. First, he set up a website to sell false advertisements of drugs to swindle money. Then, in September 2019, he set up a n room chat group to collect fees to spread video of womens sexual exploitation. South Korean police have decided to officially disclose all of Zhaos personal information and criminal facts on the 24th. Watchman, one of the three operators of the n room chat group, was arrested at the end of last year, South Korean police confirmed Tuesday.

Yonhap reported that the Korean President Wen moon Jae in the N room incident on the same day, said the case was a crime committed by trampling on the victim, and asked the police to investigate all members of the chat group. 23 cases of crimes were reported. The moon Jae in the promised government will delete all video and provide legal, medical and other support to the victims. If necessary, the police will set up a special investigation team for this purpose.

After the room n incident was exposed, the public opinion immediately exploded, and a large number of people asked to disclose the information of criminal suspects, including the list of chat group members. The number of petitioners on the national petition platform of Qingwa platform has exceeded 3 million, the highest number of petitioners. Several South Korean performing stars also voiced support for the investigation.

South Korean media exposed the other side of the suspect in room n: participated in more than 50 volunteer activities in three years

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