Its too hard! Can the Olympic womens volleyball team or 30 + veteran players hold on?

 Its too hard! Can the Olympic womens volleyball team or 30 + veteran players hold on?

Liu Shiwen, who won the womens singles title for the first time in the World Table Tennis Championships last year, is undoubtedly the most hit. The mixed doubles team and Xu Xins partner are invincible, probably leading her to compete in the Olympic singles for the first time. However, with the growth of her age, Liu Shiwen, 29, is also suffering from injuries. So far at the end of last year, she has missed quite a lot of games. For the Olympic Games, Liu Shiwen is determined to win, but the variable of delaying one year is too big. Singles will face competition with Chen Meng, sun yingsha and others. Mixed doubles she and Xu Xin will be partners of 30 + in 2021. How to maintain their competitiveness? Malone and dingning are already Olympic singles champions, Liu Shiwen will regret for life if she misses the chance. And 30-year-old Xu Xin is also facing the same situation as Liu Shiwen. Only the Olympic team champion is not willing, but one year later, no one can predict.

Among the badminton teams, Lin Dan, who is striving to participate in the Olympic Games for the fifth time, may have been sentenced to death by the decision of delaying the Olympic Games for one year. With lindans current points and status, even if the Olympic Games will be held in the summer of 2020, it will be very difficult to compete. This is still on the premise that the following Olympic points match will supplement and hold his status suddenly. Now the Olympic Games will be postponed to the summer of 2021. At the age of 37, lindan has almost no chance, and he has no need to continue at all u3002

The Chinese womens volleyball team, which had almost not been affected by the epidemic due to the early end of the league, is likely to face a blood exchange of some players. For the Olympic training, this seasons womens Volleyball League shortened the competition time, as early as before the Spring Festival decided to win the championship, is the only League of the three major domestic balls not interrupted by the epidemic, and the team was able to start the training and preparation according to the original plan. Originally, Chinas womens volleyball team relied more on long-term training. Although the World League and other matches could not be held as scheduled, they had little impact on Chinas team. After all, the foreign powers were more in the mode of match leading training.

But now the situation is that the Olympic Games will be held more than a year later. In this years training lineup of Chinese womens volleyball team, the oldest Deputy attack, Yanni, is over 33 years old. She is going to fight for the Olympic Games again. Do you want to wait? Ding Xia, the first two players, will turn 30 this year. Zeng Chunleis replacement will also have his 31st birthday. One years difference is quite unfavorable for a 30 + age veteran. In addition, Zhu Ting is also faced with the problem of maintaining her status. She was originally preparing for the Olympic Games before returning to China last season for the volleyball Super League. After the Olympic Games are postponed, she will definitely continue to play in Tianjin team, which is equal to two years delay in studying abroad, and her personal development plan is also disrupted.

And Su Bingtian, the first Chinese sprinter, who holds the Asian record of 9.91 seconds, will be 31 years old in August. 100 meters is the project of absolute speed. The decline of physical function of one year old is inevitable, and Su Bingtians physical condition in recent years is not very good. Last year, he has missed many games due to injury. The Olympics is the last fight. How likely is his state to rebound after one years delay? Maybe we have to gradually accept the fact that Su Bingtian slowly gave up his seat to Xie Zhenye.

Once the Olympic Games are restarted because of the epidemic situation, who can predict what will happen? Of course, we absolutely hope the veteran can keep going, but for the older and injured veteran, in addition to giving them encouragement and support, they still rely more on their inner tenacity and the pursuit of their dreams, To get through this long year.