Guangdong Media: the situation of multiple infections in the sports world it is expected that CBA restart may need to be postponed

 Guangdong Media: the situation of multiple infections in the sports world it is expected that CBA restart may need to be postponed

The match will be closed

Affected by the epidemic, CBA was forced to suspend after the Spring Festival, with 16 rounds left in the regular season.

More than a month later, with the improvement of the situation, the news about CBA restart is constantly coming out. Just a while ago, the clubs received CBAs request plan for restart on April 15, which can only be implemented after the approval of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China.

The specific plan is that the rest of the regular season will adopt the competition system, and two competition areas will be set up in Dongguan and Qingdao respectively. 20 teams will be arranged in snake shape according to the results of the current regular season. The teams in Dongguan include Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Tianjin, Sichuan, Shenzhen, Fujian, Jilin, Shanxi and Beikong; the Qingdao competition area is Qingdao, Zhejiang, Guangxia, Liaoning, Tongxi and Xinjiang , Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and August 1.

Each team will play eight games in two weeks, covering the whole day. Some teams not only have back-to-back competitions, but also have competitions for three consecutive days. After that, what to do in the playoffs will be determined according to the epidemic situation and relevant national epidemic prevention policies.

All competitions will be held in the empty field, with only players, coach team, referees, staff and broadcasters on the spot. In order to broadcast, every days game starts at noon and continues to night. However, the plan has not yet been officially confirmed by CBA.

Smooth restart is not optimistic

In this special period, in addition to the approval of the State Sports Administration, the program also needs to be approved by the relevant disease control departments. It has been nearly half a month since we asked for opinions from the club, but CBA hasnt officially released the plan, which certainly has many unresolved issues.

If the game is restarted, it is always the first thing to protect the health of the players. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by a team of Qingdao trained in Serbia recently. On the return flight, Qingdao team needed not only normal 14 days isolation but also two nucleic acid tests.

Recently, three members of the Chinese fencing team, Brazilian foreign aid dolly from Meizhou Hakka, China, and a staff member, Belgian foreign aid Felini from Shandong Luneng, China Super League, have been recruited successively, and all of them are foreign inputs. CBA has a large number of foreign aid, only 20 teams have about 40 foreign aid, which does not include some foreign coaches and staff, which is also a hidden danger.

Its only about 20 days since the CBA was restarted. At present, many foreign aid teams have not returned. Even though the foreign aid has already set out, but including not a short journey, concentrated isolation for 14 days and other measures, until the start of the game, what state they are unknown.

In conclusion, CBA is not optimistic to restart in mid April.

Source: Author: Zhou Fangping editor in charge: Wang Hongyu Fei nb12517