Drug addicts are arrested for taking drugs at home, and drug friends go to the police station to ask for debts

 Drug addicts are arrested for taking drugs at home, and drug friends go to the police station to ask for debts

Three addicts caught

On March 20, Wang Chunxian, deputy director of Ganma police station of Ganyu District Public Security Bureau, learned in his work that Xu, who was in Haitou Town, once allowed others to take drugs in his home, and then led a team to arrest him. When I arrived at Xus house, the police found that Xus spirit was weak, which was obviously the symptom after taking drugs. In the face of questioning, Xu denied that he had taken drugs, but the police soon found a drug taking tool in his home, which Xu admitted to the fact of drug abuse.

Drug taking tools found in Xus family

Just as the police continued to search, someone knocked on Xus door. Police signal Xu to open the door, a man came in to see the police when the face is very flustered, police will resolutely control their inventory. They didnt take drugs. I can tell from my experience. Although Zhang, who knocked at the door, also denied taking drugs, we found out that he had a criminal record of taking drugs at the scene, and then brought them back for examination. Wang Chunxian said.

After examination, Xu confessed to the fact that he allowed others to take drugs, and Zhang also truthfully confessed his illegal drug taking behavior. At this time, Zhang Yang, the instructor of the police station, found that there were two men at the door of the police station who had been looking around, so he went forward to inquire about his intention vigilantly. One of the men said that he was a creditor of Xu and came to ask for money.

Out of professional habits, Zhang Yang asked the name of the other side, the man said his name is sun. Sun? Is it the sun who Xu confessed to taking drugs with him? Its really hard to find a place to break through iron shoes. It wont take much time to come! After investigation, since February this year, Xu has kept Zhang and sun for many times to take drugs in his residence and private car.

Xu is under investigation

At present, the criminal suspect Xu was taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law because he was suspected of allowing others to take drugs, and the violators Zhang and sun were imposed administrative penalties in accordance with the law for taking drugs.

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