Why dont international students go back to Hangzhou to implement the new regulations? Staff: cant explain

 Why dont international students go back to Hangzhou to implement the new regulations? Staff: cant explain

In response to the novel coronavirus infection prevention and control work in West Lake, the announcement of the announcement of the Hangzhou issued epidemic prevention and control work group issued by the issued by the in March 19th afternoon issued by the peoples Republic of China has been issued to the 2020 mechanisms for the issuance of eight mechanisms, which is not suitable for centralized isolation and is arranged for home segregation.

So, under the latest response Weibo of West Lake release on the 23rd, many netizens commented and asked: where was the No. 7 document released at that time? Dont you explain document 7?

The forenoon novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters was called on the morning of March 24th, when the health Times reporter asked where the 7 file was puzzled by netizens. The staff who answered the phone replied that they could not see the document No.7 on the Internet. The document was released on February 4. At that time, the epidemic situation abroad was not so serious. The regulations on the unsuitable isolation personnel in the document were: the special population unsuitable for centralized isolation included patients, the elderly, the disabled, children, pregnant women, etc.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is another problem that users doubt is: in March 18th, Zhejiang province has issued the Zhejiang provincial new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work leading group on Further Strengthening the epidemic prevention and control work abroad Circular (provincial epidemic prevention and control [2020] 16), which refers to the 14 days from or visited the serious epidemic countries (regions) entry to Zhejiang personnel. The whole process of centralized or controlled transfer shall be carried out, and centralized medical observation shall be carried out for 14 days according to the principle of territorial management.

What is the reason why novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control headquarters of Xihu District issued a notice in March 19th, or was it based on the provisions of Document No. 7, but not according to the provisions of epidemic prevention and control of the province [2020] 16?

From the time sequence of the incident, Cheng also returned to Hangzhou from the United States on March 18. According to the message the confession from the father of Hangzhou wendingyuan international student released by the microblog named quiet Fuhe, the daughter arrived in Shanghai at noon on March 18, and at about 7:20 p.m. on March 18, she was informed by the community that she could go home for isolation. Whether the provincial epidemic prevention and control [2020] No. 16 has been released and whether there is a time difference on that day needs further verification.