Men take out disposable masks. The mask is covered with grease and broken

 Men take out disposable masks. The mask is covered with grease and broken

Netizens said: too tired of heart!

Mr. Yang argued that this mask was probably mixed in when the restaurant cooked dishes.

Wu manager of Chongqing Xinchuan Huasheng restaurant: he admitted that it was their fault, apologized and was willing to refund 115 yuan for the meal.

Mr. Yang replied: returning the meal fee cant solve the problem.

On March 21, the store said: additional compensation of 500 yuan.

Mr. Yang still didnt accept: he asked for a written apology from the official Yuxin Sichuan cuisine.

Since then, after many times of communication between the two sides, the attitude of fruitless stores has changed

No problems found in regulatory investigation

Food safety seal is not used after the dishes are made and packed.

It is impossible to determine from the surveillance video whether there is a mask mixed in the food and container of the day.

Huangpu District Market Supervision Bureau said it will continue to conduct in-depth investigation and will strictly investigate and punish the complained unit according to law if there is any illegal act.

Why does the food foreign body luoshengmen appear frequently?

In this regard, many netizens shouted that they could not understand it. Some people accused the hotel of neglecting management, some thought it was another takeout saliva gate, and some even suspected that the consumer deliberately planted the stolen goods and defrauded the compensation.

u00b7In November 2017, some netizens said that double 11 called 1 Dian the black tea Macchiato beverage sold in the Jinshajiang Road store in Shanghai through the hungry platform. After drinking half of the black tea Macchiato beverage, they found the body of cockroaches. After many times of communication with the store, they found no result, and then disclosed it to the regulatory authorities and the media. However, after the on-site investigation by Putuo District Market Supervision Bureau, no traces of cockroach activities were found. The relevant systems of insect vector prevention and control were complete in the store, and a regular pest prevention and control agreement was signed with the pest control professional organization.

u00b7On December 3, 2018, a netizens microblog revealed that he ordered three cups of Xicha drinks in Xingye Taiguhui shopping mall by running errands on the hungry platform, one of which drank a transparent sleeve.

The common ground of these events is the same: after the exposure of the relevant situation, although the regulatory authorities intervene, they are often unable to find out what specific problems, most of the consumer complaints and disputes are ultimately gone, wasting public resources.

Given that similar incidents are not uncommon in recent years, if consumers really encounter foreign matters in food, how to deal with them?

Why is it so hard to paste food safety seal?

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