Listen to friends Xie Na remembers the quick book on the top of Yishuais seal

 Listen to friends Xie Na remembers the quick book on the top of Yishuais seal

In the program, Xie Na recalls the experience of the first quick copy of yishuqianxi. At that time, the 14-year-old yishuqianxi brought a cub. Xie Na joked and frightened him. If he didnt answer the question correctly, he cut the cub. The eye socket of yishuqianxi who was scared successfully contained tears: no cutting, no cutting for Bear. The reaction was very lovely.

After listening to Xie Na, Yi Shuai asked in shock, do you have any? He Jiong nodded quickly and said, yes, I have. I cant turn my eyes on the bear. Yi Shuqian Xi, who had no impression of this, could only smile shyly. Later, Xie Na shared her first experience of seeing yishuan Qianxi: its a child with few words but a lot of ideas. She also laughed and restored the gun dance performed by yishuan Qianxi at the beginning of the performance. The vivid performance triggered a series of laughs.

And the theme song of the same name of Xie Nas solo version friend please listen to me is also officially launched. The sweet voice adds a layer of girls delicacy and sensibility. With soft melody and highly storytelling lyrics, people instantly sink into the healing atmosphere. In the live broadcast on March 22, the theme song of Xie Nas solo edition was first exposed, and fans said open your mouth and kneel. Xie Na did not forget to tease herself as iron mans tenderness.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)