Youth with you 2 x tutor announces that Lin Yujia helps students to improve their singing skills

 Youth with you 2 x tutor announces that Lin Yujia helps students to improve their singing skills

In the trailer at the end of the fourth episode of the program, Cai Xukun revealed that there will be an X tutor in every stage, bringing infinite reverie to the audience. Today, it is announced that the first x tutor of the program official publicity is Lin Yujia, the recognized musical talent in Chinese music circle. As we all know, Lin Yujia not only has outstanding creative talent and high recognition of timbre, but also has an extraordinary view and unique way to deal with music. His representative works lie, waste and cruel moonlight have been sung in many peoples hearts. In addition, Lin Yujias live performance is also known as studio like sound quality, and has been shortlisted in the annual live list by music critics for many times.

As one of the highlights of the concept of X in youth with you 2, the arrival of x tutor will undoubtedly enrich the tutor structure. In addition to the strong alliance in terms of professionalism, it also adds a diversified perspective to the program. Whats more, Lin Yujia and representatives of young producers and other mentors have a long history. It turns out that Lin Yujia and CAI Xukun once worked together on no accident. Lin Yujias delicate composition and CAI Xukuns fairy tale lyrics together constitute the song that directly strikes the heartstrings of the audience. As for Lin Yujia and Chen Jiahua, the music tutor, Ella, they even learn from the same school. With such a cooperative relationship, the three would have a very tacit understanding in guiding the trainees. What kind of chemical reaction will they have in the program? Its worth looking forward to!

Chen Jiahua, Ella and Lin Yujia, two strong players, sit in the town to help the students improve their singing skills by leaps and bounds

In the fourth program, 100 trainees have completed the location evaluation grouping, and the candidates for the vocal, dance and rap groups have been determined. In order to prepare for the next first public performance, every trainee is ready to make every effort and make every effort. Among them, the challenges faced by the vocal group are obvious. Shangguan love, Wang Xinyu, Zhang Yu and other trainees with unique timbre gathered in the group of family. How to coordinate their characteristics has become a problem. Whats more, the vocal location evaluation also includes three pieces with high difficulty coefficient, i.e. flammable and explosive, sun and reality. How to interpret them well is also a big test. As the x tutor, Lin Yujia will share her own experience with the trainees in the following teaching. She will devote herself to singing skills, music comprehension, division of labor coordination and other aspects to help them have a better performance on the public stage.

Youth with you 2 at this stage of music tutor + X tutor two ways of guidance, it is not subtle. As the two strong music players, Chen Jiahua Ella and Lin Yujia will complement each other in the program, stand in different professional perspectives, and help the trainees improve their singing ability together. In fact, in the first four episodes of the program, music tutor Chen Jiahua Ella is very targeted for the guidance of the students, sharp but not lose the temperature. She once praised Xia Yans singing skills and patiently directed Su Shanshans correct way of making sound, which was very helpful to the improvement of students singing skills. The arrival of Lin Yujia will add more delicate and stylized treatment on the basis of specialty, which will be helpful to the students music understanding.

With the help of the youth producer representative, the permanent tutor group and x tutor, the public performance stage in the process of preparation will surely meet you at a very high level. In addition, in addition to Lin Yujia, the first x tutor, what other powerful tutors will join in youth with you 2? Coming soon!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322