The sideburns are not crabapple red

 The sideburns are not crabapple red

Huang Xiaoming and Yin Zheng jointly perform the National Justice Trailer and add firewood to the show heating up

Sideburns are not crabapple red has landed in iqiyi on March 20. At present, iqiyi VIP members have broadcast 12 episodes. In the 1930s and 1940s, Cheng Fengtai (Huang Xiaoming), a new rich businessman, and Xirui (Yin Zheng), a new Kui businessman in Liyuan, became friends with each other because of Peking Opera. They joined hands to support shuiyunlou, join in the revolutionary team at the time of national break, and contribute their own strength to the inheritance and protection of art. Among them, Cheng Fengtai, played by Huang Xiaoming, is a righteous businessman who has been raising money to transport arms for his brother-in-law, commander Cao, in support of Anti Japanese. Although Shang Xirui was a playwright, he was very clear about his righteousness. In the form of singing, he secretly damaged the government officials private appropriation of righteousness money and assassinated the Japanese officers. Although they are the little people in the long history, they are still warm-blooded and fight against the enemy hand in hand, and perform a grand national drama.

The emotional preview of this exposure not only shows the ups and downs of the subsequent plot, but also highlights the bleak sense of helplessness that all things are lives, no one can help it. The preview can be roughly summarized as Cheng Fengtais gangster is driven away from his home, Shang Xiruis singing is wrong, and he is imprisoned. What happened in the preview can only be known after the later episodes are updated. In the case of the hot show and the popularity of netizens, the release of the emotional preview is like a new salary, which makes the show more popular.

After the show was broadcast, it was deeply loved by netizens, inheriting the quintessence of Chinese art, and was praised by the public

Since the sideburns are not crabapple red was broadcast, it has been loved by netizens in the aspects of episode quality, costume, acting skills, etc. the production team behind the scenes of this play comes from the original class who successfully created the Yanxi strategy, which shows the exquisite overall effect for the audience in many aspects such as picture lens, service road setting, etc. Some netizens commented that its really a drama made by heart. The quality of this picture is absolutely excellent.. The old Beijing City, with all kinds of opera costumes and facial makeup, has been copied completely, which makes people over addicted to the eyes.. And the actors acting skills make netizens clap their heads. Yin is biting the handkerchief, Yin is acting and Huang Xiaomings Cheng Fengtai successively log on the microblog for hot search, Yin is acting is the number one hot search list. In addition to micro-blogs hot search, the hot search terms of the drama and actors have been on the tiktok and Baidu hot search lists, which shows the heated discussions of the show. The reason for the high popularity of the series is not only in the above aspects, but also the promotion of traditional art.

Sideburns are not Begonia red is a rare drama work in recent years, which focuses on opera. While the netizens pursue the quality of the drama, it is also attracted by Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera involved in the drama. The drama objectively and vividly describes Peipings liyuanxing from a historical point of view. It also depicts the character and charm of a group of actors such as Shang Xirui and Chen Zaoxiang. Based on the concept of inheriting and carrying forward the traditional quintessence art, the drama hopes to show the artistic charm of the national art treasure opera in front of the audience. In the shooting, the opera group invited Mr. Bi Guyun, the leader of Liyuan, and two famous Peking opera stars Yin Jun and Mou Yuandi as opera consultants and directors. Yin Zheng and other actors also had special training. Only then did the audience see the Shuiyun building. As for the opera, some netizens praised that I only think pop songs are good to listen to, but I dont know that Peking Opera is so popular in the past. the singing style is in place and good to listen to

Sideburns are not crabapple red is on air. Its on air from 5 to 8 p.m. every week. Begonia flowers have bloomed, waiting for everyone to watch!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322