Stewed pear with ice sugar is popular. Wu Qian and Zhang Xincheng love each other and kill each other

 Stewed pear with ice sugar is popular. Wu Qian and Zhang Xincheng love each other and kill each other

Tang Xue gets angry and drunk, Li Yu and Bing Xintong help

In last weeks plot, Tang Xue won a competition with fried hair for the roller skating club, and Yu Yan was invited to join the roller skating clubs dinner party. Tang Xue and Li Yubing tit for tat at the party, and Tang Xue was even forced to peel shrimp by Li Yubing at the price of one shrimp 100 yuan. Although they did not give way to each other, Tang Xue was drunk after the party, but Li Yubing was worried. He took her back to the hotel and took good care of her. In the process of pulling, they almost kissed each other.

With the development of the plot, not only the emotion of Bingtang CP has changed, but also Tang Xues love for short track speed skating is gradually shown. At the end of the roller skating competition with fried fur, Tang Xue came to the training ground alone in the evening, gliding freely on the ice field without any one, and found her favorite short track speed skating. However, after a micro contest with the short track speed skater Zhang Yue, she found that she was backward and inadequate, and no longer had the strength to win the championship at the beginning. The huge drop made Tang Xue very lost.

Young boys and girls enter each others campus life

The teenagers of Bingtang team get along with each other and get to know each other better, warm and funny. When Tang Xue gets to know Yu Yans birthday, he arranges the activities of the aquarium for him with his heart, satisfies Yu Yans childhood wishes, and celebrates his life with cakes. When Xia Menghuan hears Liao Zhenyu and his roommate boast, he decides to give Liao Zhenyu a small punishment and take him to the animal Medical Laboratory for a day tour. Liao Zhenyu is scared by the big white geese, frogs, wild boar specimens, etc. in the laboratory, and swears to do it again Dont brag about it.

Stewed pear with ice sugar is directed by Zhu Ruibin. It depicts a period of youth with sweet love and passionate pursuit of dreams. It is starred by Wu Qian, Zhang Xincheng, Zhou Lijie, Chu Yue, Cao Bo, he xuanlin, Wei Tianhao, Han Jiunuo, Qin Tianyu, etc. Since March 19, the play has been broadcast at 19:30 every day in Jiangsu Satellite TV happy theater and Zhejiang satellite TV China blue theater.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)