21 days before marriage: Wu Zun makes a surprise for Lin Liyin; Fu Seoul tries on the wedding dress

 21 days before marriage: Wu Zun makes a surprise for Lin Liyin; Fu Seoul tries on the wedding dress

Netease Entertainment reported on March 24 that at 12:00 p.m. on March 24, the second episode of mango TVs first domestic reality show 21 days before marriage was launched. In the film, when Wu Zun is preparing for a mysterious date to get back to her feeling when she was young, Lin Liyin reveals her expectation in a chat with her best friend; her mother-in-law specially prepared braised pork for her body, but she felt unwell and suffered from pregnant vomiting; Fu Seouls wedding dress test surprised Lao Liu, but the price tag made the two people hesitated; after Li Jiaming proposed to Liu Yongxi, Lis parents forced her to Cant wait to take the Hukou book to Hengdian, and to buy three gold for Liu Yongxi, the prospective daughter-in-law.

Wu Zun prepares mysterious surprise for his wife Lin Liyin looks forward to their appointment

Wu Zun hopes to ignite his wifes enthusiasm for the wedding through their shared memories. He not only found out the old car and tried to restart it, but also turned out the old tapes and albums at home, and sent out an invitation to Lin Liyin: take you to find our feelings when we were young. Lin Liyin nodded and agreed, smiling happily. In the process of Wu Zuns preparations, Lin Liyin meets with her best friend and is reminded that Wu Zun may be preparing to propose. Although Lin Liyin says it is impossible, her expression is full of expectation.

Her mother-in-law cares about he Wennas body and urges her to eat meat

Hearing that Liang Chao was on a business trip, his mother rushed to take care of he Wenna who was alone at home. Because she was worried that the nutrition of pregnant he Wenna could not keep up with her, her mother-in-law not only prepared a big meal of love, but also sandwiched several pieces of braised pork to he Wenna on the dinner table, and continued to advise: come to eat the skin. He Wenna, who cant adapt to greasy food, declined: Mom, I cant eat skin, but she still failed to live up to her mother-in-laws kindness and swallowed food with a big mouth, but she had a pregnant vomiting reaction, so she had to leave the table and run to the toilet in a hurry. Later, in the conversation with her husband Liang Chao, he Wenna, who had a bad reaction during pregnancy, cried bitterly, and her mother-in-law lingered outside the house very worried.

Fu Seouls wedding dress is amazing. Lao Liu is willing to give everything to realize his wifes wish

Fu Seoul old Liu came to the wedding dress shop for a stampede. While waiting for Fu Seoul to try on the wedding dress, he said frankly that he was very nervous: ten years of husband and wife have not seriously visited each other for a long time. When Fu Seoul put on his wedding dress again and came out, Lao Liu was stunned and even boasted about his beauty. Although the price made them hesitant, Liu later said he would buy it for Seoul: if this thing can really satisfy her from the heart, I can give everything I can to help her fulfill this wish.

Liu Yongxis father tests his son-in-law Li Jiamings parents to choose three gold medals for his daughter-in-law

After the successful proposal, Liu Yongxi called to tell his parents the good news, but the sudden news made Lius father hard to digest: do I want to? He also hinted that the registered permanent residence could not be found. Li Jiaming had to promise that he would visit his father-in-law in Xinjiang in person and impress him with sincerity. On the other hand, Li Jiamings parents came to Hengdian to meet her daughter-in-law. Lis mother not only guided Liu Yongxi to cook, but also insisted on taking her daughter-in-law to pick out three gold coins. At last, she solemnly handed over the household registration book to the two people and told Li Jiaming to get the consent of her parents.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)