Shanghai: the home quarantine measures have the same rules and Implementation for Chinese and foreign people

 Shanghai: the home quarantine measures have the same rules and Implementation for Chinese and foreign people

First, the objects of home isolation and non home isolation can never live in the same house. Those who promise to live in isolation and observation together can live in the same house. After verification, those who do not have the conditions for home-based isolation shall be subject to centralized isolation observation.

Second, we must pass the nucleic acid test before entering the community home isolation.

Third, the home quarantine personnel must not leave the residence. Those who leave without permission must be dealt with according to law. If serious consequences are caused and a crime is suspected, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

I would like to reiterate that the above requirements treat Chinese and foreign people equally, that is, the rules are the same, a standard; the implementation is the same, a ruler. Zeng group said.

The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau clearly requires the village committee to continue to strengthen the registration and layout of personnel from key countries and regions, so as to achieve full coverage and no omission. It is necessary to assist the community health department to implement the medical monitoring of home quarantine personnel, implement the zero report system of epidemic prevention and fever screening, and enhance the communication and service with home quarantine objects.

Communitys response to allowing the son-in-law to return to Shanghai and foreign countries for home quarantine: no violation of regulations will appease residents emotions

According to media reports, on March 14, a British son-in-law who had been to Germany, France and Switzerland and finally transferred back to Shanghai through Chinese Taipei. After returning to the community of lane 517, Sanquan Road, Pengpu, Jingan District, Shanghai, his mother-in-law and his wife, who had just sat for a month, both hoped that he would go to the separation point for medical observation so as not to affect the 2-month-old child, but he refused. After the communication between the family members is invalid, the person in charge of the residential committee of lane 517, Sanquan road coordinates that his wife, with his mother and daughter, will live in the family members home. The house will be left for the foreign man to live alone and be isolated at home. After the report, there was a heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens thought that the British man came from a region with a high risk of epidemic. After he refused to cooperate with the isolation requirements, the community epidemic prevention work should be treated equally and compulsory measures should be taken. Some netizens also think that the mans choice to let his wife and infant children leave home is selfish.

Foreign son-in-law centralized isolation turned into home isolation Xinhua News Agency: no discrimination

Because its a foreign son-in-law, the centralized isolation becomes the home isolation; because its a foreigner, the staff of the isolation point have to provide more than necessary materials Recently, the phenomenon of super national treatment appeared in the epidemic prevention and isolation in some places has attracted attention. Strict prevention of foreign imports has become the top priority of current epidemic prevention and control. Adhering to a rule, a standard and treating equally is the due meaning of prevention and control according to law and an important guarantee for effective prevention and control. Virus does not recognize people, rules can not be bad, to maintain the overall situation of epidemic prevention, never allow the existence of special people and special treatment.