Xi Jinping paid tribute to the plague hero, who was carrying heavy burden.

 Xi Jinping paid tribute to the plague hero, who was carrying heavy burden.

There is no time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jiangcheng, far more than the 50 year old Uighur woman military doctor. In the past two months, more than 4000 members of the military support Hubei medical team have kept in mind the purpose of the peoples army, heard orders and moved, bravely shouldered heavy burdens and fought hard battles, becoming an indispensable and important force in the anti epidemic forces of this heroic city.

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the peoples army resolutely implemented the decision of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and chairman Xi Jinping, and ran with the time to fight against the disease and launch a charge on the battlefield of epidemic prevention and control. From Jingchu land to inside and outside the Great Wall, more than 10000 medical staff of the whole army devoted themselves to the first-line treatment of the epidemic.

They, once again, add luster to the August 1st flag!

Once again, they have made war contributions for the party and the people!

If you are a soldier, you should go to the battlefield at any time!

This Spring Festival, song Caiping and her son embrace each other, once again touching netizens.

Five years ago, song Caiping, who came back from Africa to fight against the Ebola virus, and her son hugged each other tightly, making countless people moved. Before the expedition, she told her 11-year-old son, in that beautiful place, someone is ill and needs medical staff like mom to see them.

At noon on January 24, I was on duty checking the room and received the order to support Wuhan. Song Caiping immediately goes home to prepare her outfit.

With her pack on her back, she hurriedly picked up a chicken wing from the table and ate the new years Eve dinner.

Among the people who saw off, the son who nestled in his mothers arms five years ago tightly hugged his mother in his arms.

Facing her son, who has grown up to be half a man, song Caiping cant make up or lie as she did last time. She said firmly and apologetically, my mother is a soldier. If she is a soldier, she must go to war at any time.

Day and night in huoshenshan hospital, the nursing expert and his comrades from the Army Medical University fought against each other to save every patient.

At the critical moment of life and death, we must seize every minute! Zhang Xijing, director of the first Department of critical medicine of huoshenshan hospital, from the Military Medical University of air force, has been working in ICU for more than 20 years, and has long been used to the rhythm of robbing people with death.

Quickly wear protective equipment, rush into the ward, and quickly rescue It is Zhang Xijings normal state to rush and seize time.

Rapid induction of tracheal intubation, invasive ventilation A critically ill patient with respiratory failure was snatched from death by medical staff. At the conclusion of the case, Zhang Xijing raised her voice: we can be a little faster!

A novel coronavirus pneumonia after cardiac stent implantation has sudden nasal bleeding, abnormal coagulation function, and dying of life. Zhang Xijing decided to stop anticoagulants, inject plasma and supplement vitamin K.

Zhang Xijing said, if we seize the first time, we will win a game first. After a few hours, the patient turned around.

Even if he sleeps, he cant sleep well. Wang Xi, the wife of the same doctor, was very distressed. The husband sleeps next to the bed in seconds, but he sleeps very lightly. Whenever the hospital calls him, he will definitely answer the phone if it rings three times.

In huoshenshan hospital, Zhang Xijing answered the phone second by second - ward round, consultation, case discussion, coordination, meeting, site visit, summary As long as there is something, he will arrive at once.

If you put on military uniform, you must dare to fight!

Mao Qing didnt expect that a section of Chongqing dialect he said in the ward was actually hot on the Internet.

The general director of huoshenshan hospital from the Army Medical University has been fighting in the front line. He has participated in the fight against SARS and Ebola, the fight against avian influenza, and has dealt with high-risk pollutants and severe viruses for more than 30 years.

This scene was recorded and posted to the Internet by the wife, grandmother and granddaughter in the same ward. Mao Qings care for patients has made countless netizens like him. This is the best Chongqing dialect Ive ever heard, a netizen said

56 years old, 36 years of Party age, 40 years of military age. Mao said that he should be worthy of every number written in his resume and be worthy of the identities of Communist Party members, soldiers and military doctors.

On New Years Eve, Mao Qing was like a soldier hearing the charge. If you put on military uniform, you must dare to fight! He said.

He will never tire. Li Qi, a colleague, said, one time, he and I were busy until 1 a.m., returning to the dormitory from huoshenshan hospital. Just after entering the door, he rushed to Jinyintan hospital and didnt come back until 5 a.m. after two hours rest, he went to huoshenshan hospital again...

In the fight against the epidemic, every PLA commander and fighter fighting on the front line is as selfless as Mao Qing.

Since the novel coronavirus pneumonia fifth medical center was designated as a new Beijing crown lung pneumonia confirmed hospital, the deputy director of respiratory and critical care medicine department Yuan Xin has been in a tight battle.

Dr. yuan, 37 beds are suffering from rapid decline in blood oxygen saturation and dyspnea. Yuan Xin, who had just come out of the isolation ward, quickly put on protective clothing and entered the ward again.

After more than two hours, the patients condition gradually stabilized. At this time, Yuan Xin was all wet. However, she is not at ease. She stayed in the ward for another night to ensure that the patient passed the dangerous period smoothly.

How beautiful a smile is, how beautiful tomorrow will be!

Promise me, sir, to be strong. Only when you are recovered and discharged can you take good care of your aunt...

Holding back tears, Chen Jing, 47, repeatedly told the patient to cheer for the 75 year old.

A few days ago, the old man was suffering from respiratory distress. Chen Jing, head nurse of the first Department of critical medicine in huoshenshan hospital, and his comrades in arms rescued the old man from the edge of life and death.

As soon as he regained his spontaneous breathing, the old man asked his sick wife about her condition and asked to be transferred from the intensive care unit to the same ward as his wife as soon as possible.

To reassure the elderly, Chen Jing asked colleagues in the general ward to take some videos of his wife. That day, looking at the old man in the video, the old man showed a long lost smile.

At that moment, if Chen Jing didnt wear a mask and goggles, the old man would be able to see her beautiful smile on her face.

Chen Jings smile, known as the most beautiful window smile.. Many patients remember her smile and one of her words: how beautiful a smile is, how beautiful tomorrow will be!

Six years ago, in the days of fighting against the Ebola epidemic, Chen Jing took a smile to a distant Liberia; two years ago, her smile accompanied the track of the peace ark hospital ship and spread it to countless foreign patients

Now, this white soldier from Naval Medical University brings a smile to huoshenshan hospital. Although the patient cant see her smile because of the mask, she can feel the power of love from her smiling eyes.

In the days of epidemic, there are many military medical workers like Chen Jing, who bring smiles to the patients and hope and strength to defeat them.

Light footstep, gentle tone, bright smile This is the impression of Jiang Xiaojing, 57, in peoples minds. In the face of the epidemic, the leader of the medical expert group of the central theater general hospital to fight against the epidemic led the comrades in arms to always charge in the front line.

Since the anti epidemic battle started, Jiang Xiaojing has led the team to do a lot of detailed clinical observation and analysis. After her rounds at night, she simply took a rest in the office. In the early morning, she followed up in wechat group to learn about the patients condition

Zhou Qin, head nurse, said Jiang Xiaojing was a Superman who worked tirelessly.

As an infectious disease expert, Jiang Xiaojing often admonishes medical staff: even if you wear two layers of gloves, holding the patients hand can deliver warmth and strength.

Spring is coming, cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Jiang Xiaojing and her comrades are ushering in the dawn of victory with the heroic people!