Bill gates open letter: the new coronavirus epidemic reminds us that everyone is equal

 Bill gates open letter: the new coronavirus epidemic reminds us that everyone is equal

I firmly believe that there is a deep meaning behind everything, whether it is good or bad. It reminds us:

1) No matter how different we are in terms of culture, religion, occupation, economic status or reputation, we are equal in the outbreak.

2) We are all connected, and what affects one person affects others.

3) The false borders we set are of little value because the virus can spread without a passport. It reminds us that many people in the world spend their whole lives in oppression through a short period of oppression.

4) How precious our health is, how we ignore it by eating malnourished processed food and drinking water polluted by chemicals. If we dont pay attention to our health, of course we will get sick.

5) It reminds us of the short life and the most important thing is to help each other, especially those old people or patients.

6) How material our society has become. In difficult times, we should remember that what we need is necessities (food, water, medicine), not luxury goods that we sometimes unnecessarily give high value.

7) How important our family and family life are, and how we ignore it. It is forcing us back home so that we can rebuild our homes and consolidate our families.

8) Our real work is not what we do now, its what we do, not what we were born to do. Our real job is to take care of, protect and benefit each other.

9) We need to restrain ourselves. No matter how great we think we are or how famous others think we are, viruses can bring our world to a standstill.

10) The power of free will is in our hands. We can choose to cooperate and help each other. We can choose to share, give, help and support. We can also choose to be selfish, hoard and just focus on ourselves. Indeed, it is the difficulties that expose our nature.

11) We can be patient or we can fall into panic. We can understand that this has happened many times in history, and will eventually pass. Or we can fall into a panic and think its the end of the world, which will do us more harm than good.

12) It could be an end or a new beginning. This period can be the time for reflection and understanding, the time for us to learn from mistakes, or the beginning of a cycle, which will continue until we finally get the lessons we want.

13) It reminds us that the earth is in a state of illness. It reminds us that we need to focus on the speed of deforestation, just as we need to focus on the speed of toilet paper disappearing from shelves. We are ill because our home is ill.

14) After every difficulty, there will always be a time of relaxation. Life is cyclical, and this is just one stage of this great cycle. We dont need panic, its all going to pass.

Although many people think novel coronavirus is a huge disaster, I prefer to think it is a great corrections. It reminds us to pay attention to the important lessons that we seem to have forgotten, and it is up to us to learn them. (small)

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