Liverpool players have been coached by psychologists for fear of failing to win the championship

 Liverpool players have been coached by psychologists for fear of failing to win the championship

According to the daily mail, Lee Richardson, a sports psychology expert at Liverpool Football Club, shot a video called mental health and happiness to coach the players. Liverpool are now 25 points ahead of the second place in the Premier League, very close to the clubs first top league title in 30 years, but there have been rumors that the Premier League may be cancelled this season and will not be awarded the championship trophy, which is a blow to Liverpool players.

Li Richardson, 51, said: the decision of the Premier League or the next step of the virus is beyond our control. All we can control is our behavior and our response to the challenge of ensuring the safety of vulnerable people and minimizing the infection rate. We focus on what we can control, accept what we cant control, that is, the Premier League, the governments response, and we give ourselves the best chance to overcome this psychological challenge. As coach klopper said, football is not the most important thing. The health and safety of all of us are more important.

Lee Richardson also made specific suggestions to the players: just as good regular brushing can promote tooth health, good regular diaphragm breathing can also improve mental health. Lee Richardson also warned the players to avoid danger during isolation at home and to use that time to spend more time with their families. Dont focus on news or social media, and dont post potentially controversial content online.

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