Healthy Silk Road as life escort (harmony)

 Healthy Silk Road as life escort (harmony)

One belt, one road to health, is to create a new cooperation space for building a one belt and one road. Chinas one belt, one road project, was welcomed by President Xi Jinping in 2017 when he visited WHO in Geneva. Chinas one belt, one road chief, Chen Fengfuzhen, responded by saying that WHO appreciates Chinas leadership in the global health, safety and health management field, and is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in the one belt and one way framework. One belt, one road, Chinas one belt, one road, is signed by the Peoples Republic of China government and WHO to promote cooperation with key partners such as one belt along the way. One belt, one road, China is the first one to sign the one belt, one road memorandum of understanding between Italy and China. In novel coronavirus pneumonia, China and Israel are united in writing a joint campaign to build a healthy silk road.

Working together to build a healthy Silk Road also provides new ideas for improving global public health governance. The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak practice shows it doesnt help the situation. Building a unified environment is not possible. Only when we unite and cooperate, we must focus on the long term and improve the level of global public health governance. From the beginning of the epidemic, China attaches great importance to international health cooperation. In an open, transparent and responsible manner, China timely informs all parties of the epidemic information and works closely with who and relevant countries. China supports the United Nations and who in mobilizing the international community to strengthen policy coordination and increase resource investment, especially in helping developing countries with weak public health systems to prepare for prevention and response, and in donating US $20 million to who to help developing countries improve their capacity to respond to the epidemic and strengthen the construction of public health systems. At the same time, China has announced that it will provide assistance to 82 countries, who and the African Union. A number of aid materials have been delivered to the recipients, which fully demonstrates the great countrys responsibility of the Chinese people and the people of other countries in the world to strengthen international cooperation against the epidemic and jointly build a community of shared future for mankind.

The impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia on the world is profound. Human beings need to face not only a temporary challenge but also a long-term vision of human health and health. China is willing to work with France to promote international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, support the United Nations and the World Health Organization to play a core role in improving global public health governance, and build a community of human health. When President Xi Jinping recently sent a condolence message to French President Mucklow, he proposed for the first time that building a community of human health and health is an important initiative concerning the future of all mankind.

From building a healthy Silk Road to building a community of human health, China is willing to work with global partners to promote the improvement of global public health governance and improve the level of health. At this time, the epidemic is spreading and the alarm is in the ear. All countries must make the right choice, unite and act again, discuss, build and share together, and escort life.