Why is the aid Hubei disease control team delayed to withdraw

 Why is the aid Hubei disease control team delayed to withdraw

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Why is the aid Hubei disease control team suspended? Expert response (source: video synthesis)

Wu Hao, the community prevention and control expert leader of the prevention and control group of the front working group of the national health and Health Commission: I think there is a misunderstanding about whether the disease control team of Hubei Province has been suspended (withdrawn). I think it is a mistake to think whether the epidemic has rebounded or worsened. In fact, it is like this. Our disease control team comes with the medical teams from all provinces, and it (the disease control team of Hubei Province) stays in the local area, but also undertakes a task u3002 The first is that as the epidemic situation in Wuhan or Hubei is getting better, it is an urgent task to return to work in the next step. Before returning to work, we need to do some preparatory work, that is, whether they can achieve the prevention and control measures related to return to work. There is another one, the handling of its emergency plan, as well as some related killing work. So, the AIDS to Hubei disease control personnel have a lot of professional skills in this area, and they can also participate in some guidance. Not all of them are left behind. They will put forward plans to the central prevention and control group according to the actual needs of cities and regions. Then the rest of them will gradually withdraw.

The second one is also an important work. It is necessary to carry out a large-scale training for the relevant medical personnel of the whole (Hubei) province, or the relevant personnel of the administrative department, to train the management of some key groups in public places, the killing of key groups, as well as the technology of streaming, sampling, laboratory technology (training), etc. it is a multi-faceted content.

Then there is another, for example, how to find patients in our community health service center, how to do after school, how to prevent the occurrence of cluster cases, and so on.

So the main teacher force of this big training is to be undertaken by the disease control personnel of all cities and regions, including the supervision of the training effect. The purpose is to leave a disease control team capable of fighting well to cope with some changes in the future epidemic situation, which is the main purpose.

Group photo with medical leaders of Hubei Province for emergency mirror? Hospital: misunderstanding caused by isolation point

A picture titled the leadership of Kailuan general hospital in Tangshan, Hebei Province is hot on the Internet. In response, the relevant personnel of the hospitals Propaganda Department replied to the upstream news that the photo was taken at the isolation point. According to the regulations, leaders cant go up the steps and warriors cant go down the steps, so such a stand appeared.

On March 22, documents from Hubei Provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters were circulated online. Although both the title and the text indicate that it is the aid Hubei disease control team, when netizens spread the notice, they understood it as the aid Hubei medical team is temporarily suspended from leaving Hubei, and then thought that the epidemic situation in Hubei has increased and rebounded.